Day 383 another lovely day in Ayrshire 🥰 and the roads are busy!!

So here goes 💜💞

I did not have to get up for Tartan Campers this morning as it’s my day off. However, Mr Sporty Spice had his alarm set for 4.45am!!!! Guess who is then WIDE awake… her wee head buzzing with all of yesterday’s chat about work life balance and then the plans for a fairly busy weekend.

I did feel gratitude for the chance to stay in bed!

So today is the day that Scotland has gained some COVID LOCKDOWN FREEDOM!!!

This made me laugh…. the midges have had no one to bite
Yet sadly this is very likely to be close to the truth as so many people will leave their houses to go to the hills
Not sure what’s wrong with Beinn a’Chlaidheimh other than it’s hard to spell?!?!

I for one will be staying local with dog walk and more excitingly, an Abbie wheel balance in Johnstone!

Seems a long time since I did this!!
Daffies everywhere!!
These monkeys enjoying running around a big field… Calaidh seemed to want to go into the next field all the time!!
Check this tongue!!!!! She was on the top of a drystane dyke here!!
Back home and Calaidh is basking in the sun in front of my heart shaped log!

I snuck up on some housework when I got home. If I’d added that to the list of things to do today I’d have been stressed out my box…. but it was cool sitting outside after the dog walk so I hoovered. Boy did it need doing.

We’re in moulting season again and this time it’s Bhruic who prances through a room with a cloud of hair floating out behind her! It’s everywhere!!!! Freya has stopped, Calaidh is still moulting a wee bit. I have dog hair in my eyes when I blink, up my nose when I sneeze and I’m pretty much everything I eat. 😬🤨🤣

Then I headed up to Johnstone for a food shopping and other essentials before dropping Abbie in at Halfords Autocare for a wheel balance and break light bulb to be changed.

I’m currently sitting outside In Johnstone town square, or rather rectangle, waiting the half hour until she’s ready.

I went to take a picture there… it’s no braw.

I’ll talk about this next photo instead as it came up on my memories.

One year ago today I headed off for my first volunteering day delivering food bank parcels with the Beith Trust. I came home and burst into tears with the overwhelm of it all but I did it every week after that.

It’s a reminder to me of how far I have come. Julie 2 jobs 🤨(this seems to be my favourite emoji today…) I still give myself such a hard time but I do have way more self confidence than I did back then.

I learn more about myself every day.

Every day is a school day.

Stay safe everyone ♥️💜♥️