Day 374 working 7.45am till 6.35pm with a quick shopping trip in the middle! Wow…..

Not gonna lie…. I’m pooped.

5 hours and 45 minutes spent being a campervan conversion lady this morning. Great morning. Got lots done. 1 hour for the drive there and then home again.

Home via Home Bargains as I had run out of deodorant?!?!? I have NEVER EVER run out of deodorant…. I usually have at least 3 or 4 floating around the house. I have now been 2 days without….. it’s actually all good…. I question whether I actually need it but I’ve bought two to get the minimum stock level back up. Lack of shops open in lockdown had obviously contributed to stocking levels. No…. not stocking levels. Jeez, I am tired….

So back home, quick hi to Craig and the dogs and upstairs to be dog behavioural enquiry lady and the calls have taken me ages. Things are ramping back up again which is great but it’s just been a busy week as I get used to the morning job.

There is a chance this will be the shortest blog ever but I’m hungry and need some dinner. I’ve been snacking all day without taking real breaks. Yes, I know this is wrong and note to self….. I just have this drive to get it all over with so I can relax.

It’s 6.43pm now and I have my jammies on. Dinner is in the oven a la Craigie.

The fire is roaring as it’s still very cold. Not that I’ve been aware of the weather much at all today.

It needs cleaned but we’re both pretty much working full time just now so it’ll have to wait 😬

I was very lucky to have my blog featured by another blogger yesterday! Jacob Nyamake features a different writer every Wednesday and it was yours truly yesterday. I can’t tell you how proud I am that he took the time to contact me. He’s a lovely guy and his blogs are a great read at Jake in the City .

Click on the link below to read my interview. I’m one wee proud cookie.

Hope you all had a great day.

Stay safe everyone 🍪🍪🍪

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