Day 373 WORK!!!! and it’s still sunny but freezing, what’s that all about?!?

A different Julie woke up this morning thankfully….. with a silent head. Ok I lie…. it wasn’t silent…. it was so much quieter than it was yesterday.

This made me laugh…. waking up with anxiety is pretty much the same

Mr Sporty Spice was out the door to the gym just before I got up at 6.30am. Shower, hair wash (was desperately needing done!) and out the door by 7.20am and guess what?!?? The windscreen was frosted over!!! In April?!?! So Mrs short ass can’t scrape the windscreens of a VW Transporter… I just have to wait for it to defrost…. note to self….. get scraper on a broom handle?!? Can’t be hard can it?

So I’ve been working ALL DAY. Oh diddums…. I hear you say… it’s a beautiful day but it’s baltic again……. so very cold. I did Tartan from 8-3 and then Pawsitive Solutions from 3-5 but stayed in Tartan Campers while I did the dog calls. Funny calling someone and remembering “which” Julie was making the call.

It was a good day. I’ve enjoyed it and been calm throughout. Thank goodness.. she says politely.

Oh the reason I stayed at Tartan for so long was because one of the guys was working on my reversing camera!!! I can now see out the back!!!! Of the van…… stop it.

So I had to rush home for Kinesiology tonight. I’d booked a session to try to take some of the stress out of my current working life. It was amazing as ever and I cleared some fears based around being unable to achieve others expectations of me and a belief that I would have to be the previous version of my working self… 24/7…. and that’s not me anymore. I know my limits and I know what is right for me. So Kinesiology will have taken the stress out of all of these things so I can sleep soundly tonight.

Oh yes absolutely

Shelagh suggested this opportunity came along at a point that I was well enough and ready to handle it. Which is so very true. I just haven’t felt like I was handling it very well these last few days.

This is the lovely gift I got from my friend Lea!!! Congratulating me on my new job, so lovely.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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