Day 1020 a sick day in the house with Craigie, while it poured with rain outside ☔️

Well that was a rotten nights sleep….. I’m shattered but the cold has really taken hold. My sinuses are so heavy and sore. I’ve coughed half the night. Least I haven’t lost my voice like Craig has…. 😬

I thought it would be getting better by now. That’s almost a week. So ok…. we’ve both been working but we’ve had so much rest. Early nights, lie ins….. and still it’s not enough. It’s 9.42am, I’ve let the dogs out, fed them and come back to bed.

The silence in my head just now is wonderful. I should have taken some paracetamol before now…. Just breathing through my nose and no coughing…. My eyes are closing writing this so here’s hoping for another good sleep.

This was me last night. Apart from feeling rotten, I had a lovely evening.

Through all this I’ve only curbed the fast on Friday night, into Saturday morning. I was so hungry on Saturday when I woke. I only managed 14.5 hours but that’s still good. I’ve just hit my 16 hours just now as I stopped eating about 5.30pm. That amazing for me as a night in, on my own, I could guzzle a gazillion calories. I think I’ve found something that really works for me. I’ve not lost hundreds of pounds but I have just started HRT so I feel the fasting is fighting that HRT weight gain.

Wow, I woke back up at 11.21am. I’m never in bed that late. It’s now 12.43 and I’ve just had some honey on toast for breakfast…. And a lemsip. Nectar from the gods. I can breathe again!

Yeah that doesn’t last for long. At least there’s some respite for about 20 minutes after you take paracetamol.

I went upstairs, to my wee bedroom office, that I am never in anymore….. I worked on the last 4 months Village Hall accounts. I can’t think clearly or straight, my head is so fuzzy and won’t clear. I finished up and rather that doing some other paperwork and I just came back downstairs to olongapo (😂😂😂😂😂😂 proof reading!!!!!) I think I meant plonk myself back on the couch.

I’ve just tested negative for covid which is good considering I did go to the effort of having both the covid and the flu jab. This must be that third thing they’ve not invented the jag for yet!

So I have the day off Tartan tomorrow as the little gift shop are heading to the SECC for Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring Show. I’m really looking forward to it and don’t want to miss out so will just keep resting today!

Don’t think we’ll make the farm again tomorrow either.

We’ve just had lovely care package from Holly next door, filled wraps, lasagne and spicy chicken pasta with San Pellegrino to wash it down. So very kind. ♥️ I don’t think I repay half of the kindness shown to me. I really must fix that this year. I think I’m very kind with words but not so much with actions.

Hmmm note to self. ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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