Day 906 the calm after the storm ♥️

What a difference a day makes. 🙏🏼

I have had the best day. I am so grateful that my head was quiet today.

Up for the Farm at 5am and we were lucky to have the session mostly in the dry, before the rain and wind picked up. It was constant without a breather. We were burst by the end of it.

Straight home and out with the dogs… determined to do everything before the storm kicked in.

The rain has started and the wind is picking up so I run round most of the loop I take them on.

Loved this wee guy!

I came home and got into Craig’s side of the bed as he’s had his electric blanket on…. I lay there for about 15 minutes and thought I might not ever move again. It was so toasty… but of course, I had to.

I had my shower and we sat and had coffee before he went out to work. When he left I started to read a book that talks about the voices in your head. Only read the first few chapters but it hit the spot…… it encourages you to separate from the voice inside your head…. The one that just said “what voice” as you read this. 😆

Listen to the advice it tries to give you, listen to how often it changes its mind, how often it jumps from one thing to another and how it always questions your decisions…. And how it never, ever really shuts up! I doubt that’s just me….. interested to see what the next few chapters say.

So as I said. I have had the best day. 🥰

I’ve been to the little gift shop and spent FIVE hours with Gayle. I say that in capitals as I thought my Friday job was 6 hours…. 11am-4pm….. love that I’m surprised to find out it’s only 5 hours. (How on earth did I work that out to be 6 hours last week?!?)

I served a good few customers and only made one mistake on the till…. 😂 and priced up a whole load of Christmas cards.

The day passed so quickly! We couldn’t believe when it was time for me to go home after my FIVE hours…. 😆😆😆

The storm passed quickly too. The sun was back out by lunch time which seemed really strange after the deluge in the morning.

The storm in my head is gone for now. All is calm. Nowhere near tears today.

Working tomorrow too…. Check me a SIX DAY week…. Even if it’s only until 1pm! Looking forward to it already.

I know….. wonder which Julie will get out of bed tomorrow?!?

A funny to end with….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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