Day 897 Abbie the Campervan puncture, stunning sunrise at the Fit Body Farm then work and crochet

The heading says it all…. No need to read on! 😂

Totally forgot to mention that Abbie the camper van had a slight drama yesterday morning. How could I forget?!

She’s not been running great for a few weeks, a bit of a wobble in the rear end which I’ve been turning a blind eye to….. yeah I know, I hear myself.

I got down to work yesterday and met a customer for a chat and realised the back wheel was as flat as a pancake when I walked round the van! The whole van was actually sitting at an angle……

Uh oh…….

The boys asked when I had last checked my tire pressure.

Hmmmm never????

There was a two inch wood nail through the tree. The boys were VERY quick to tell me that we don’t use that type of screw in camper van conversion 😬😆

When I lived by myself I used to be very good as these things and would check every few months. Abbie the camper comes along and I just seem to think she’s invincible and those monster tyres don’t need checking?!?

I will do it from now on…..

So a garage near work fixed it in an hour for a tenner. Sooooo lucky!

So back to today…. Stunning sunrise at FBF this morning. this is the sky at 6am.

We started the class and the sky kept turning…. It was stunning! This is taken from where right we do our work out!!

How lucky are we?!

I pretended to go and get a tissue and picked up my phone and then ran down to the car park to get these next shots… obsessed much eh?!

Even when I left at 7.30, it was still pretty.

Work was really busy again and I was late getting away. I had half an hour to get some dinner and back out to the pub next door to Crochet. It’s been a busy few nights for me!

We had a good old natter tonight and I did zero crochet as I’m in between projects just now, which basically in crochet terms means I’m in the middle of 3 different things and can’t be bothered finishing any of them.

Craigie is watching Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 vs Ukraine football on tv and I’m chilling watching The Crown. Check me with my new found royal interest!

No tears today and actually quite bright and bubbly…. Long may that continue!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️