Day 893 a self care Saturday while hubby is at work and football!

Ok so I’m still a misery guts. The noise in my head is incessant so other than dog walk, I’ve taken the day off. (I had the day off anyway but I’ve taken the day off to actually do nothing….. I’ve sat and journaled old school stylee with pen and paper to try and dump some of the noise rumbling round in my head. I’ve cried. Yeah there I go again. The tears have never been very far away this whole week.

We had a nice wee evening last night while we made pizza dough in the bread maker and then made pizzas and a nice morning having coffee before Craig went to work.

But…. Never start a sentence with but…. I felt very off. Very out of sorts.

I had pains in my stomach this morning which felt like bad stomach cramps but was most likely trapped wind. 😬 guess that’s a by product of eating cake, bread and pizza. 🤦🏻‍♀️ it passed after an hour or so. My jaw is clenched and my head is sore. I just need to ride it out and listen to what it’s telling me.

I took the pups out at 10 for a walk and it’s a nice day though cool again. The sun looks huge in this photo but it’s fighting the clouds all day.

Freya always knows when the camera is coming out!!

Freya smiles 😂

Poop scoop when I came home then sat in the garden journaling while the working tennis balls for these 3. I love this next photo! (Where is my mother in law when I need her?!? Throw the ball Gran?!!!)

Those eyes!

So today’s excitement was Graeme next door cutting down a tree that had grown out of control.

Over the years it had blocked so much light into our sun room….. saying nothing of the 6ft fence we had to install as a result of the previous neighbours’ kid inviting a Bhruic over the 3ft fence at the time and then his dad complaining that angry was always in their garden…. It blocks out a lot of light and took a big strip of our land. (Ooooh check the bitter tone from she who normally breathes sweetness and light… and distinct lack of punctuation!)

Keep an eye on the tree in these shots as it disappears!

Bhru had so much fun running around and now she’s saying “where d’it go?!?”

The bushes need a good trim too but I’ll wait until Craig’s back and that can be a tomorrow job.

So he’s at Ibrox this afternoon, home of Rangers FC, as he got the chance of someone’s season ticket to go to the game. It’s been so nice to see him looking forward to something as we don’t do much these days.

He went to find his brick on the wall!

And this is where he’s sitting!

They’ve had a shocking run these last few games that I hope this is a good outcome for him.

Meanwhile I’ve been having a nap in Grans chair, under Grans’s crocheted blanket, with the wood burning stove on in our newly re-sunned sun room! I woke up with the reddest face! 🥵

This next one made me laugh out loud…. It’s so true!

So in other news…… I’m gonna share something that I can’t un- hear so I feel everyone else needs to share my horror. Ever seems this before….

Wee black spots that appear from time to time?!?! Always wondered what they were…… I saw on Mrs Hinch cleaning FB page…. Spider poop 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

So not only do I have 3 dogs and a husband to clean up after, I now have to deal with this as well?!? How many times have I scraped at these with a nail wondering what they were or why they were there?!??!!

So I have spent a good half hour today eradicating the spider poop from my home. Yuck, yuck, yuck…… see there is still some humour in the old girl yet.

That’s got to be a good sign.

The noise is quiet for now. Thank the Lord.

Have a great Saturday night and….. I do apologise for the above if you didn’t already know….. 😬

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️