Day 891 National Sober Day

Well who knew this was a thing?!?

It’s a good time to give a quick update on my sober count. It’s also nice that it’s a round number today too.

1,350 days since I started my sober journey. 2 slips where I drank but other than that nada….. diddly squat…. just sitting through all my raw emotion and having to handle it head on without any way of dulling it.

That’s huge.

If you’d told me that 4 years ago I would have NEVER believed you. I would have scoffed big time. I was nervous of non drinkers, didn’t trust them as they made me question my own drinking. It was easier to think they were the weird ones.

Yet here I am.

Sobriety is not always an easy path… hey I put on 4 stone by eating everything in sight to try and compensate for it.

I slipped into a deep depression and had to negotiate my way through it but I’m so proud that I’ve done all of that without drowning it in wine.

There are days when I still think I’m missing out. I feel jealous of the holiday drink pics, the airport drink pics, the party drink pics, the I’ve had a hard day I deserve this drink pics….. Then I wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed, without the dreaded hangover and realise I’m on the right path for me just now. I see a whole new world out there that is not dictated by where and when my next glass of wine is coming from. I’m no longer under its control and constant spell.

I know to some of you it’s weird but it’s the new me.

I should also say that apparently I’ve saved £10,400 by stopping drinking so if someone knows where that is then please let me know?? I’m lucky if I can find 10p at the moment.

Here endeth. 😆😘

In other news….. Well this is gonna take a bit of getting used to….. crochet is meeting from 6-8 now instead of 7-9 and it feels really strange.

I obviously LOVE the idea of heading home for 8 pm as it means I can get an early night but it just feels really strange.

I was late away from work tonight and by the time I was home and had dinner I was already late for crochet!!

The pub is closing at 8pm now so this is our new normal and I’m sure we’ll get used to it. As I settle into bed with the electric blanket on, Craig is watching the Champions League football….. I am very glad of it. Early night for me after a great catch up and crochet!

Stay safe everyone 🧶🧶🧶