Day 882 back to auld claes and porridge the day!

Well it’s not that I’ve run out of money…. As I didn’t have it before the holiday….. But it was definitely back to normal today.


That was a shock to the system.

It was torrential rain when I woke up, so much so, the thought crossed my mind just to stay in bed. I sat up before I was even fully awake, it’s now or never.

The drive to the Farm was pretty hairy. The roads were really badly flooded and I had to drive up the centre of the road to stay out of the rivers that had formed at either side!

My main beam headlights got stuck on half way there and if I put my lights on, I have main beam now. Joy. We’ve not even paid for the other car yet let alone having to fork out some maintenance on the van?!? I reckon that stuck on main beam is better than no lights at all. 🤨😆

I felt really energised this morning and thought the workout was hard, I enjoyed it.

By the time the session finished the sun was shining and it’s been glorious and up to 20°C for most of the day… not a hint of rain since!

I was determined not to feel awful about going back to work today. I used to DREAD going back to my last place. With every ounce of my being. Yet today I was looking forward to getting back to a bit of routine.

I did say to myself that I would not be in control at all today as I don’t know what’s happened for the last week, and that is ok. i thought about that a few times today.

So it was a great day. Paperwork tidied up, back on track fitness wise, food shopping done and put away after work and about to go to the village meeting about speeding traffic… the one I thought I was going to mid August! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I did actually shop very differently today and I feel like I made some sacrifices with my purchases to try and keep costs down. I bought turkey instead of chicken, beef frying steak instead of steaks, salad tomatoes instead of vine tomatoes…. That kind of thing. I got almost a full weeks’ shopping for only £63. I felt like there were a lot of people standing around staring at prices today. I couldn’t get into the pork steaks for one wifie checking prices for ages! 😆

So that’s all from me today. Good to be back and despite the drama I caused during my holiday, I feel refreshed and relaxed so can’t ask for anything more.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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