Day 396 last day of my working week!! Yay!

I want to start with this as it’s a lovely meme. I see so many but this one really touched me today. A message for us all.

The second point is that Primark cosy leggings are now a different formulation or whatever the word is!! The did not fit quite the same this morning and they feel a wee bit shiny….. was not impressed but still wore them and they are now covered in dog hair!!

Didn’t sleep well last night but feel surprisingly spritely today. It’s got to come crashing down at some point! 🤦🏻‍♀️😆🤔🤣Think I’m running on adrenaline.

Keep forgetting to mention that Mr Sporty Spice had been waking me up EVERY morning with his gym obsession…. if only I could get the bug too. He woke at the back of 5 this morning and I hadn’t got to sleep until 1.45am so it was a short night.

It’s a beautiful morning though

So Tartan went well again and got loads done and I’m all set for another long weekend.

I did a very strange thing when I left work today. I was talking to Craig on the phone and I thought I’d head to Home Bargains. As I got close to the car park I changed my mind as I felt that it was a bit too busy. I drove down to the Irvine seafront towards Gro Coffee…. I sussed there was no queue outside. Good thing. Could park up and get a coffee?!? Hmmmm bit of a waste when I could drive home and have a coffee, I was here at the coast yesterday. only then remembered that there was no queue in Gro as everyone would be inside it now! Doh….

Set the sat nav for home to try and find the quickest route and it took me EXACTLY the same way I’d just driven?!? Back almost past work…. 25 mins for nothing 🤦🏻‍♀️😳😬🤔😆🤣

I think because my week finished at Thursday lunchtime, I feel I should make the most of my Thursday afternoons.

Can’t imagine why else I’d drive around for no reason. Other than I finally flipped.

So I’ve spent the afternoon catching up with people on the phone then Claire suggested a walk.

Check her lovely new purple hair!!
Calaidh looking like the Sergeant Major!! AttenSHUN !!

Our friends Dave and Angela who are Polaris Overland posted this today which I didn’t know….

Hope you all enjoy your Friday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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