Day 380 good news on the Scottish COVID travel ban, pampered pooches and other stuff!


We are free from Friday. I cannot tell you how good this feels after a very long time of being told to stay at home. We have been home since about the middle of September, at least it feels that long!

Mum and dad are already booked in for a visit this weekend. It’s great news.

I’m also thinking that I should hear about my vaccine soon. Should maybe chase that up?!

So it wasn’t such a lovely morning this morning. I was at Tartan Campers for about 7.45am and didn’t want to stop in any lay-bys for photos today. 😂🤨

Another good morning of work though….spreadsheet after spreadsheet, I mean they just keep on coming and it’s amazing!! I love, love, love a spreadsheet. So much control in one tiny document.

Back home for 1.45pm and I have a day off from making behavioural calls. In fact I have 3 afternoon’s off!!! How long do you think it took me before I started trying to figure out what I should be doing?! How should I fill the time for the best?!?

Yeah I know….. enjoy the chill ♥️
Calaidh just wants to travel the world 🌍 🤨🤣
How true is this?!? No more nonsense!

So Bhruic and Freya were at BrawCuts Dog Grooming today…… see if you can tell which one is most impressed with their new hairdo?!?

Freya? 🤨🤣

It’s the first time Freya has ever been groomed as she’s so short we just bath her when we need to. She was very good today apparently. Bhruic is not a lover of the hairdryer so had to come home a wee bit damp! They are both as floofy as Calaidh was last week.

A bit of a photo shoot with Bhru’s locks blowing in the wind!
Another 40 pics to get this one!
Freya found a potato!!

So I’m currently sitting out in the van across the road from the house. Craigs on a Zoom call and I just fancied a change of scenery. I brought Calaidh with me. It’s good for them all to have some time apart.

Pretty Calaidh
This is pretty powerful…. not just for the girls!

It’s been lovely to have a bit of a break this afternoon. Nice not to have anything that I HAVE to do. The list from Sunday’s blog is still sitting there waiting to be done but hey… I care less about it today.

Only downside is I’m now gonna have to clean the van again! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🙄


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Day 380 good news on the Scottish COVID travel ban, pampered pooches and other stuff!

    1. Oh no. We’ve been in full lockdown since Boxing Day. It’s been endless…. we’ve been so good here and yet everyone else has broken every rule under the sun. That’s hard to watch. As you say it’s all for the right reasons. ♥️

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