Day 364 we have daffodils in the garden oh and got a new car!!

Mr Sporty Spice was away to the gym this morning at…. wait for it…. 6.15AM…. I mean come… on…. on a Saturday that’s the middle of the night. So guess who was wide awake?!?!

I was going to get up and walk the dogs but decided to do a Suzanne Robichaud hypnotherapy meditation. I read that when you are busy you should make time for you so I’ve been busy….

Stop People Pleasing

Should say that I add links into blogs every now and then and if you click the blue underlined bit it should open!! That’s the one I did this morning and don’t remember it finishing and Craig woke me back up when he came home at 8.30am.

I’m trying to stop the anxiety from taking over this time.

I saw that our newly planted daffies were in bloom!! Finally!

We took the dogs out after a coffee.

Hey that’s not the best pic ever but I am what I am. Check me for owning my size instead of trying to belittle it.

I had a lovely surprise last night when some friends from New Zealand replied to an email I’d sent them on the 13th March 2011. Yes you read that right…. 10 years ago!!! I met them in Australia in 2004 when they were backpacking. I was early 30’s and they were older with grown up children but they were backpacking too. They were English but lived in New Zealand so I went to stay with them in Ponsonby when I travelled through New Zealand in 2005. They sent me a photo from back then and apologised for having never seen my email!!!

Check the young thing!

Just shows you how we all make impressions on people in our lives. After 10 years we were chatting like I’d seen them yesterday!

We got home to a nice surprise! It’s our 11th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we had a card from our maid of honour and flowers from my mum and dad!!

They were posted by a company called Bloom and Wild. You light see them advertised on FB. They come in a flat pack box with very strict instructions on how to handle them. This does not include dropping them on the floor at any point in time.

How lovely is this… you open the up and then follow the steps in The Jules guide (coincidence I think?!) such a lovely idea for posting flowers and there are vouchers all the time.
Here they are on day 1. Bloom and wild suggest you don’t take photos until day 2 but they don’t know that I have to hunt for blog content on a daily basis so I’ll follow up with other photos when they floof out a bit.

Then we were off out to pick up Craigie’s new wheels!!!

I even got to drive it!! I seem to be almost sitting on the steering wheel in this pic. Unlike he who drives almost from the rear seats with his long legs!

I tidied out the van again now that he will never need to drive it. I can now control it’s cleanliness again 😆

My new under cupboard storage solution. Bet the guys at Tartan Camper are well impressed?!?! 🤣🤣🤣

Back home and comfies on well in house comfies rather than out of house comfies is more like it. We’re having Gastro pub fish and chips tonight and it’s nearly ready (4.15!!) early dinner for us.

He’s making me watch the Godfather at the moment so we saw half of number 1 last night so guess that’s where our evening viewing is headed.

It’s been a lovely day. Not the weather… it wasn’t lovely. Cold and windy. Wouldn’t be my blog without a forecast now would it. 😬

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

6 thoughts on “Day 364 we have daffodils in the garden oh and got a new car!!

  1. I did buy an anniversary card but can’t get anyone to post it due to isolation. Will post on 2nd April. Love the new car and the storage

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  2. Omg that’s so amazing that you heard from them after all this time lol I wonder how they happened upon your email! So cool though!

    That’s so nice of your MoH and mom, that’s actually a good idea! I will try to remember to send flowers to my sisters on their anniversaries too (I was their MoH)! 🙂

    My husband is the same, he’s reclined so far back I don’t know how he drives LOL

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    1. Honestly it’s like driving from the back seat…. 😬 the flowers were super lovely and they are not like interflora… I think they are at least half the price over here! Yeah so lovely to hear from the NZ guys. These little things make your day. Xx

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  3. Lovely flowers 😊💐 and what a nice way to pack them, never heard of that before.
    A nice blast from the past too with your friends from NZ!
    I remember Craig had to move my car one day and had to move the seat all the way to get in and when I got in I couldn’t believe anyone could drive that far from the steering wheel 🤣
    Happy new car day, its lovely xx

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