Day 367 this busy bee 🐝 needed a mega nap today 🥱😴

The alarm went off at 5.45 this morning as Mr Sporty Spice was going to the gym. 😴😴😴 soooooo tired but also wide awake. What is it about that time in the morning when you need to go back to sleep but can’t?!?

I got up at 6.20 and decided to head into Tartan Campers early. The guys start at 7am so I can start early if I want…. except for today….. locked out!!! A freak chain of events meant that the guys that were already there had no key for the front door. So I spent the first 45 minutes standing in the car park. Should have gone back to sleep 🛌

Hmmmmm now how true is this?!?

The old me would have been raging about this… the new me…. registers it, feels it… meh… and moves on. it’s no big deal at all.

Must try this too

I got a good chat with the lads about camping in the Outer Hebrides, I had a coffee to drink that was still warm and I had a safe drive down. Three things!

A lovely lady in the After Dry January group shared this yesterday. I love the colours to start off with and the totally spoke to me.

I got back home about 1.30 after I managed to get out the staff car park. I forgot I’m only working half days this week and hemmed myself in behind a guy who finishes at 3pm. Muppet!

Had some lunch as soon as I came home as I was SO hungry. Might need to think about taking a mini lunch with me but on the plus side I remembered to clean my teeth. 😬😁 I also took my water and breakfast. Way better than most days so far.

I knew I needed a sleep. I felt exhausted but a good tired of that makes sense. I did a Suzanne Robichaud meditation….Sleep Session – I surrender (letting things go) starting about 2.30pm.

Next thing I know is 4.35pm!!! Musta needed it! That’s our stock phrase…. 🥱🛌😴

Of course the second job needs doing too but I only had a few calls to make. Did them and then Freya and I went for a walk with Claire.

My new working life means I’m struggling to hit even 2,500 steps a day so I needed a push to go for a walk. Claire doesn’t push… she just asks 😁 but I wouldn’t have done it without her.

Very strange cloud pattern over Beith – tornado?!? Thankfully not.
The sun was shining on this gate today
Hard work getting a photo of Freya standing up as she always lies down…. I got the phone ready and turned would with a ta-dah got you!!
Freya in her usual photo pose!
Lovely evening sun
Daffies blooming!

Did anyone notice, there was still some light in the sky last night at 8.20pm? Love, love, love the lighter nights.

Another good day and I’m listening to what I need. Not gonna lie I’m already looking forward to my bed too but I’ll get used to it. It will just take some time to undo 2.5 years of the sloth 🦥 🤣

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️