Day 356 an afternoon at the beach! Wow, wow, wow and wow!!!

Oh ok so let’s give nature my unbridled attention then….

It’s another BEAUTIFUL day! I have so many photos to share I may finally blow up the blog.

Morning ☀️

I did do some work this morning. Made calls etc…. Sat outside for some of it. Shorts on again. It was nippy first thing but despite the forecast it was a better day than yesterday. I’d expected dark clouds today but not one.

We went to Portencross this afternoon.

The view from the car park over to the Isle of Arran
Yes we were really here…
On the rocks 🪨
Lovely wispy clouds
The sea is soooo clear!
Hardly a breath
Having fun exploring
Stick focus
Crystal clear
I mean…… honestly…. WOW!!!!!!
Yoga for dogs
Love the colours on the rocks!
Daddy threw my stick away…… 😢
Stick????? come back!!!! I’m over here!!!
So I’m just gonna bark until someone gets me another one ☝️
Ok I will calm down now
Just having a wee cool down!
It is actual me!!!!
This was a lovely wee harbour
With Portencross Castle 🏰 in the background
Sitting on the dock of the bay
It’s a lovely wee place
Big smiles
Just about to leave as Craig spotted some dolphins. Of course pics don’t do them justice
Then a wee boat…. could be in Thailand
I have no more words 🤣

I have a million more photos but I hope this is the best selection. Honestly we have had a breathtaking afternoon. It was so calm, sunny and beautiful. There is nothing on earth like it…. for me anyway. I could have stayed there for sunset too!

I made toasties in my new Ridgemonkey Sandwich Toaster and we had coffee.

Honestly just the best day.

I hope you all had a great day too and have a lovely Friday night and weekend.

The dogs have crashed out and so will we!

Stay safe everyone ☀️🌊☀️