Day 358 sunny Sunday in lockdown (but very chilly breeze!) ❄️☀️❄️


Ok so this blog is not meant to be a weather forecast but since our weather shapes most of what we do at the weekend it makes sense to mention it….. that and I’ve been naming blogs for so many days you run out of ideas!

Oooooh can you tell where my head it today?!?


So to focus on some good news….

How great is that?!? I’m waiting on my wee blue envelope to come through the door but the UK are rattling through the vaccinations! We’ve been in Covid level 4 regulations and then lockdown for months now. The light at the end of the tunnel is now visible but all the talk of the European 3rd wave is making me think I need to do everything at the end of April when we can….. just in case our freedom is wheeched away from under us.

I felt great this morning, was up bright and breezy, it’s a beautiful morning and Craig and I have a breakfast date at Gro Coffee in Irvine. Wait until you see the photos of the cakes………. 👀

I mean zoom in…. these are all enormous!
I had a caramel apple pie 🍏🥧

It was exquisite…… I was worried it might be a bit dry but even the pastry was moist. Melt in the mouth. The whole thing did… very quickly!

Our view from the windscreen!!
Craig had Eggs Benedict
Then we went for a a walk….. this pic is hysterical as I couldn’t see the camera and you can tell how windy it was!!! Baltic!!
Irvine beach
This wee guy was riding the thermals
We took a wee walk on the beach 🏖
The water is still crystal clear
Huge big tanker on its way up the coast
So clean
Saw this old bit of pipe
There’s a repaired bit (rubber) in the middle but the rest is all corroded now
Huge expanse of beach

Came home and went straight out with the dogs!

Walk with Claire and the dogs
Pretty clouds
Calaidh posing
We are so lucky to have this countryside on our doorstep
Spooky tree AND a gate…. what’s not to love?!
Huge muddy puddle!
Some lovely daffies 🌼🌼🌼

Sat in Claire’s garden for a coffee once we got home.

I’ve kind of lounged around a bit like someone searching for a purpose…. ALL DAY…..rather than just enjoying the day.

So now I have my feet up in Grans chair… I’ve tried sitting out in the sun on several occasions but it is only 8C and even I can’t sit in that… maybe time for a nap. I hate to say in all my ramblings that I know I am “just tired”… again. Yes again…. its been a lovely day with cake and sea and friends and walks… I have nothing to stress or worry about. Be still my anxious head. Please.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️