Day 353 a beautiful start to the day and time to work on the waking mood ☀️☀️☀️

Another great sleep but when I opened one eye this morning I do that assessment of how I think I might be feeling….. hmmmm sadly not great but also not as bad as yesterday morning so that’s a real bonus. There are no tears. Thank you!!

So… up, head screwed on facing forwards and first coffee of the day.

It is a beautiful day

It’s only 11C but it feels warm enough to sit out. One thing any of my international followers may not be aware of… if the sun shines in Scotland, we down tools and head outside. Now obviously this is not always possible but if it is… we do it. Everything changes for the weather. Maybe I’m only talking for our household, my parents, my in laws, my friends… you get the picture…. we head outside.

So I have poo picked, swept the artificial grass (yup…..) hung out 2 washings. We very rarely give ourselves the luxury of sitting still in the sunshine as there are things to be done. Sitting out tends to come when we have a consistent run on good weather. In mid March this cannot be guaranteed!!!

Forgot to say yesterday we had a Happy Birthday goody bag at the door for Calaidh, Bhruic and Freya!! It was doggy birthday cake from Muck, our friends Golden Retriever.


They loved it! I have so many photos of licking tongues….

Freya’s teeth made me laugh in this one!!!

So I’m now up at my desk making dog behaviour enquiry calls. Window wide open, sun streaming in…… if alcohol free Carlsberg did offices……. 🥰

Booked another puppy call for tomorrow!!

I received an emergency text from one of the lovely Gateside Crochet Hookers who I haven’t seen in like forever……

I mean who could ignore such an urgent plea for help! So the afternoon was spent drinking coffee and talking through how to do a granny square with Anne. Lovely to catch up after all this time.

First square!!

Is there a limit to the number of coffees you should have in a day? Thinking when you suffer from anxiety that 6 might be a bit much?!?!?? #shakes

Back home in time for dinner and (drum roll please!!!!!!!) I made Chickpea curry and ate it in under 45 minutes. (who actually am I?!?) I forgot to take a photo of it as I genuinely wolfed it down. Only one thing missing (and don’t shout MEAT….) flavour…. yip. Maybe made it with too much haste and skipped an ingredient. It smells lovely but tastes bland.

Sunset over Beith

Now out for a walk with Claire . It’s been a beautiful day. It’s cooler now but a real sign of brighter days to come.

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️