Day 343 the most productive day EVER!!!

Wait until you hear the amount of things I have achieved today!! I actually think this day has had extra hours added to it. It’s not even 4pm….

So we did wake at 6 (yeah ok there’s the extra hours…. I know!) I always want a lie in on a Saturday and yet I wake up so much earlier than normal.

7.38am is how we roll….

To be fair this was a packaging burn but it was super toasty while it burned.

We then took the dogs out for a walk to Spiers School Grounds.

Zoomed in on the pups

It’s cold today so I wore my new ski jacket. Yes I know I have barely ever skied in my puff but I can recommend buying a ski jacket just now. Was £199.99 reduced to £64.99…. AND…. (and this is the real unexpected bonus….) it has something in it that allows me to be found in an avalanche. What more does a girl need?!?

I have a pocket for my ski pass….. 😳 maybe bus pass?!? Ok not that old! Pockets for my phone and a wee skirt to stop the snow getting under it 😳. As you may be able to tell I have never worn a ski jacket ever before but it’s super toasty so I’ve worn it ALL day… even in the house as a cardy 😬

When we got home I swept the decking at the bottom of the garden and also…. wait for it… swept the artificial grass….. yes…. swept up all the leaves and a large amount of sticks.

Stopped for coffee….

Craig then chopped some branches off one of our trees that was affecting a phone cable going to next door. 4 big branches hacked down and cleared away to dry for future kindling.

Mad axe man getting started!
Now I realise the state my leggings are in but hey… new jacket and a fried egg roll for breakfast

Then as I stopped for a wee over the fence chat with my lovely neighbour, Claire, Craig starting moving things around in the kitchen. I then found myself with the mouse sander, sanding down a breadboard that looked a bit worse for wear, as you do…. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Then…. I fully understand you may just be knackered reading this but we were on a roll…. we got the second tent up for sale.

Craig had commented before we started that we needed to have the divorce papers ready. Honestly we may have argued every time we have put this up in the past.

Not today. Team Avery were in complete control. It was quite possibly the easiest ever tent erection ever. (Enough…..😁)

We did comment that it helps there were not other campers sitting around watching us. 😆 if I’m honest I think that all the hard work I’m putting in at Kinesiology. I have calmed the hell right down. How huge is that?

Claire then popped round for a cuppa and took a pic of me taking the following pics of the dogs…
Calaidh is so photogenic 📸
Bhruic too!
This is maybe the best one!
Claire took this one!
I am so lucky to have many of these people around me.

While I’d been having coffee, Craig had varnished our wooden garden furniture.

We then took the tent back down and it was also the calmest that we have ever dismantled it and packed it away. Everything fits into its bag. unheard of….. and not a cross word spoken. Check us.

He came inside to watch his team, Rangers, get another step closer to winning the Scottish Premier League. I hung up two washings and put the sleeping bags in for a wash.

Then I went upstairs and did a tapping meditation on learning to love your body. I need to focus on this as it’s still something I have a big issue with.

I then sold the Awning that we put up for sale last week and the guy came to collect it. So chuffed. Chatted to him for a bit.

It’s only 5pm. I have also written this. I have had THE best day so far.

This is something we should all think about….

Today I am happy.

I will quit while I’m ahead 😬

Stay safe everyone 😁😁😁

2 thoughts on “Day 343 the most productive day EVER!!!

  1. Pleased you have both had a good day. Love the new jacket. I thought the tent going up was to give us somewhere to stay when restrictions lifted. 😂

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