Day 1028 finally a Fit Body Farm almost sunrise!

The 5am alarm was not my friend this morning. It felt very unfair….. 😢

I did wake at 3.54am…. Anything with a 3 a the start is just FAR too early…. But that didn’t make getting up at 5am, any easier.

My friend Tracey in Canada has sent me this…. It was lovely to wake up to!!

Yay, we are out of the darkest weeks of the year! I worked late tonight and was still home in almost daylight. Love that.

So the Farm was great this morning. We split into 2 teams. One team have targets on all the cardio machines, while the other team has to score as many basketball 🏀 baskets as possible, while also doing a wee exercise in between each shot.

I love this workout!

I scored every basket I shot in the first round. I was super chuffed. Missed a few in the second round. Was pretty shocking in the third and clawed it back by the fourth round. 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

We did our warm up outside for the first time in months…. It felt like old COVID times. We had to move some machines inside as it started to rain, but I loved shooting hoops before 7am in the rain.

Now, I totally understand how you could read this and think I was nuts….. it’s such a random thing to be doing before 7am. I love it! 🏀🏀🏀🏀

The sunrise was definitely not the best I’ve seen but it was lovely to see the start of sunrise. Spot Abbie the camper van’s window gleaming in the sunrise.

It was lovely…. And so very peaceful.

There was a strange contrail behind a plane in the sky….. it was bright orange against the dark blue and cloudy sky, as I drove to work. I was fascinated by it. It was picking up the rising sun in a way that the other clouds were not. It was a straight line to start off with and then became a kind of boomerang shape. 🪃 Either the plane took a sharp left turn or the wind was blowing the contrail into this shape. I couldn’t take my eyes off it all the way in. I couldn’t get a photo of it but it was just so very unusual.

By the time I got into the Tartan HQ portacabin, the rain was on.

I had a few challenges at work today. These things that are sent to try you, that you can’t control…. but I did. I kept calm and dealt with everything that was thrown in my direction.

Then the stomach cramp kicked in…. Marvellous. Time of the month. Thank you HRT….. but, on a very positive, positive…. I was not crying, I was anxious but wasn’t a total wreck…. If anything I was a bit excitable and wittering like a budgie but hey, that is me.

I hear myself and I cringe but I need to accept the wittering at times. There’s nothing wrong with being excitable, it’s way better than crying.

Also, the cramp was pretty painful and my stomach blew up like a basketball (see what I did there?!). Thankfully a couple of paracetamol did the trick.

The first day of my period used to be the worst day of the month for me. I would always be in floods of tears, unable to concentrate. I always used to say, it was the one day a month that I should have just stayed in bed.

Not so today. It was just a normal day in the life.

That’s progress, folks!

Stay safe everyone ♥️🏀♥️

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