Day 1024 a beautiful day in North Ayrshire ☀️

I did not expect the sunshine today. It’s been a beautiful day! There’s even been some warmth in the winter sun at times, especially when I’ve flown in and out of the Tartan HQ portacabin!

I slept a bit better last night. I coughed a lot less but was still awake for about 70 minutes in total. Seems there may have been a bit of snoring…. So someone says. He can’t be trusted though…. 😂 While he was lying staring at the ceiling having taken a Lemsip to bed. 😂

I didn’t expect frosty Abbie van today. At least the inside of the windscreen was only soaking wet instead of frozen. Gotta take that small win…. 😂

It’s been a super busy day at work again. This week has flown by and been really busy. I’ve enjoyed it, worked last a few days and got stuff done. There’s also a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t got done.

If I’m being honest, I’ve been a bit hyper today. You know how I like to have a bit of self analysis and criticism. I’ve wittered like a budgie today. Lots of chat. I can still hear myself ringing in my ears 😂 I’m sure those I was chatting to can too…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Ellison brought me homemade lentil and bacon soup with a buttered roll, for lunch. It was soooo good! How is it that even a buttered roll, that someone gives you, can taste like nectar from the gods?! I am very lucky!

I didn’t leave work until just before 5pm and it was still daylight. The sunset was beautiful and I drove home marvelling at it the whole way. If I could have stopped I would. It just kept getting better. It’s the first time, in about a fortnight, that I’ve seen the beauty in anything. It was so amazing to still be daylight when I came home. The only photo I got was the sky in the back garden!

The darkest days of winter are over.

I think we’re both turning a corner health wise, finally. It’s been a slog but fingers crossed it keeps heading in the right direction. Another lazy weekend might just do the trick.

Next week, Tartan are off to the SEC in Glasgow.

Think it will be a busy week and weekend for us! There will be so much chat. I’ll need to have some silence this weekend 😂😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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