Day 1016 not feeling the best today and next stage of HRT was a no go

I didn’t sleep well last night. I was a hot, sweaty, yet cold mess all through the night. I first woke at 11.39pm.

I felt so rotten when I woke up that I actually took a COVID test. I had my Mirena coil appointment today and didn’t think I should drag any illness to that.

I tested negative. I’m not entirely certain that it can be anywhere near accurate, so soon after my latest injection. Didn’t think of that when I took it.

My head feels so heavy, I just want to take my head off my shoulders and lay it on the desk…. I’ve a scratchy throat, but it’s not sore. A sore head that tablets won’t take away and a stiff neck. Most of all I just feel wiped out. It would appear that the other half is exactly the same tonight as I write this. Obviously he is way worse as he’s a man. The man version of everything is way worse than the woman version.

It’s only 5.15pm and we’re both in comfies, wrapped up in blankets on the couch. I’ve called in sick to crochet. The football’s coming on soon so I think I’ll just get into bed. I’m obsessed by sleeping this week.

We didn’t go to the Farm this morning. I hope our energy levels pick up again soon but it feels right just to rest.

So…. I had the next stage of my HRT journey today. I had an appointment to get the Mirena Coil fitted to administer the progesterone internally.

Over the last few weeks’ I feel like I’ve collected a few horror stories from people, that put me off. I also felt like the progesterone I’ve been taking, has settled down. I’m getting used to taking it. I was slightly reluctant to rock the boat.

So I turned up at Irvine Central today for 3pm.

I was early and they took me straight away, due to a couple of cancellations during the day. The nurses were so lovely, they listened to my concerns and we agreed to go ahead. They talked me through the procedure and explained exactly how it might feel.

So off we go….. I was so proud of myself. We chatted, the second nurse kept me talking and I was amazed and how it wasn’t hurting like they said…… a good wee while passes….. the nurse down below says she’ll have to try it again. Ok wait…. You’ve not done it yet?!? We have a laugh at that… they laugh… I nervously giggle… 😂

She goes through it all again…. This time for a good bit longer.

She sits up and tells me that she can’t get through into my womb so she’s actually done none of it! I felt the fear.

She was really lovely and said that she would have to dilate my cervix. She said it would have to call the consultant down to do that part of the procedure.

The consultant told me that it was going to hurt. I bet all you women that have had kids have a wry smile at my concern. I never had kids. I’ve no idea what that must be like.

They could give me a local anaesthetic but that injection into the cervix was gonna hurt too. She saw my eyes widen. The nurse told her I’d already said that I was happy with my progesterone tablets, at the moment, and so the consultant said that it may not be worth doing dilation.

She wanted an answer.

I told her that I couldn’t decide what I wanted for dinner of an evening!!

Finally I said no. Let’s not go ahead. She agreed and left pretty sharpish…. At which point the tears came.

I think it’s the right decision. My body said no and seized up at the thought. 😂 (the nurse did say I couldn’t control that muscle even though I thought I might be!)

So that was that. Back to HRT original. It’s making a difference.

Patch needs changing tonight and back on the progesterone…. Don’t know what will fix Craig though?! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

In other news we have our passports back ALREADY!! That was the fastest process ever. They’ve been away for less than 2 weeks. I’m pretty impressed.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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