Day 1013 the calm after last nights’ storm!

It’s a lovely calm day today. The wind and rain has gone. It ended up being a really wild night last night.

I had what felt like the worst sleep. I felt like I was switched “on” all night. To be fair, I did leave a really noisy pub about 11pm and get straight into bed…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

After a week of fasting, well 26 days of fasting, I’ve felt amazing…. Last night I felt like an actual elephant when I tried to get ready for Barry’s 50th. I changed 3 times before finally settling for my woolly dress. The usual, hide everything under a smock. Every time I went to the toilets I saw a beached whale. Why do we do that to ourselves sometimes?! I wouldn’t think that of my worst enemy.

Here’s the Tough Mudder group photo from last night! (I didn’t take any photos….)

I was so full after dinner I just started fasting straight away and decided to drink sparkling water all night. I don’t drink anyway, so I may as well fast rather than waste it on alcohol free…..

Who knew?!?!

Again Fitbit shows it wasn’t nearly as bad as it seemed…. But I woke up exhausted.

I decided to make the most of the lovely day and walk the dogs. Bhruic first.

It’s cold this morning and this back road is really icy. I had to be careful not to slip.

I came back home and spent some time playing ball with the dogs out the back and cleaning the back garden of all things dog poop…. 😂 then went back out with Calaidh and Freya. I wasn’t up to 3 dogs at once today.

The sun is higher and it feels much warmer by the second walk…. Gone are the gloves. It’s so peaceful.

And there’s even some blue sky!

The burn is swollen from the last week of heavy rain.

Calaidh jumped over onto her favourite wee island. She gets there and has no idea what to do next.

The clouds were coming in pretty thick and fast but looked lovely.

I’ve just not really known what to do with myself the rest of the day. It seems so unfair to not drink (my choice), and to be fasting so well and yet still feel like I’ve had a day with a hangover.

I could have gone out somewhere but just didn’t have the energy or, the inclination, I guess.

We watched a bit of tv but I’ve been in bed again since 2pm. It’s 4 now and I’ve not been sleeping. Just annoyingly awake with a head running white noise.

I know that I’m not alone when I feel like this, everyone has days when the meh takes over and the gratitude seems to be buried deep somewhere. I don’t know what’s causing it or where it’s suddenly sprung from, but I do know a few girls I spoke to last night, said it’s been a difficult week. Maybe there’s some vibe with the time of year or the moon, that’s dragging us all down a bit.

I only get one full day off a week and I want to make the most of it. The house needs cleaned, the village hall accounts need doing and I can’t be bothered to do any of it. It will still be there when I have a bit more oomph.

This last one made me laugh! Actually it gave me a wry smile which is totally different, I’m not in a laughing frame of mind today.

To end on a very positive note…. It’s forecast to be a beautifully sunny and calm week in Scotland. For a few days anyway.

Woo hoo get the flip flops back on!!!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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