Day 1003 Covid & Flu jags and Craig publishes an book on Amazon kindle!

Not sure why I look so sad in this picture…. but I have just been double jabbed! I got my 4th covid vaccination today and my first ever flu jab.

I was really nervous and thought about cancelling…. I’m not sure why. All these vaccinations feel wrong to me and yet as mum said tonight, is it any worse than the sugar etc we put in our bodies all the time and maybe not?

Over 50’s are automatically given the flu jab in Scotland. I’m over the moon to be 50 as you know…. NOT…. 😆

The whole process was seemless. Big signs saying no photos or video now…. But I was no sooner in the door, registered, and in for the jags. I have COVID in my left arm and the flu jab in my right arm.

I am not a fan of an injection.

I try not to feel super dizzy as I feel the contents of the vaccination flow into my body….. the mere thought gives me the shivers. 😂

Anyway, as I said. Seemless. All done and dusted without any drama, except that which went on in my head. 😂 the usual…

We had another pupper in the office today. This is Radley the Bedlington. I got huge cuddles when I came in this morning!

Orjenise is all about removing all the plastic bags from your cupboards. Food banks and charity shops might take them but free up that cupboard space and also try REALLY hard not to keep buying more. Reuse or recycle!

And last buy by no means least….. Craig has published a wee book on Amazon Kindle!!! I mean honestly who knew…. I didn’t until he did it!!

Barking 101: Understanding and Managing Barking in Dogs

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited and £4.18 if you don’t have unlimited.

This is a shameless plug as I am so proud of him!! He has worked so hard over Christmas, he hasn’t taken a single day off.

Please feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be interested!

So I’m off for a fully vaccinated early night. Way too much excitement for one day.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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