Day 887 the Gateside Horticultural Show 2022 AND a cheeky night away in Prestwick!

Check me… I have been “roped” into helping with the Gateside Horticultural Show this year with the promise of a free lunch. 🤦🏻‍♀️😆

I had to be here for 9.45 so I had to get up at 8 to walk the dogs.

It is a beeeeeeeeaaaaa-U-tiful morning, so still and calm and bright blue skies.

It was such a peaceful walk and the dogs were great, I love getting up and out first thing when it’s nice.

I had coffee outside In the garden when I got back then got ready to head over to the Memorial Hall where the flower show was taking place.

In the morning they set up and start judging and I was asked to help getting the results in from the judges and writing out the prize cards. I actually really enjoyed it.

The exhibits were amazing! I’ve taken a few photos to give you an idea.

Here are a couple of the team, Kenny and Jamie. Jamie is always a great supporter of the blog. I’m under strict instructions not to post any photos until after 4pm so I don’t give away any winners 😆

It’s now 5.15 so I’m gonna be fine (like anyone would read it and suss who had won?!?) 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

The flowers were really special.

We had a lovely lunch at after completing all the paperwork!

So very randomly after all that I have escaped away overnight and am in Prestwick Holiday Park…. In Prestwick, funnily enough.

It’s a static caravan site with space for tourers. The pitches are quite small but I’m lucky I only have someone on one side of me so a big space to the left of me. I’m facing on to this lovely house which I think may double as the bar area. 😳

First thing I did after getting set up was to head for the beach which is about a 6 minute walk away.

It’s a lovely path down the edge of Royal Troon golf course. Signs everywhere saying that there’s a risk of injury!

This lovely estuary leads down to the sea.

You can actually see the caravan park in this photo.

The Isle of Arran at the end of this path!

Tide wise it’s not the best time to be here as low tide is at 6pm so the beach seems huge at the moment and the sea is really far away. That tiny island on the horizon is Ailsa Craig.

This next one looking back over to Arran again.

Keek! I should say Craig has a get together with friends this afternoon so I took my chance as he’ll not have time to miss me!

I also sent him that photo in case he does… miss me…. 😂

There are loads of sand banks on this part of the coast. My feet sunk in deep here so it was a good trudge to get back on to solid ground!

Zoomed in on Ailsa Craig.

Heading back up to the van.

The clouds are so dramatic.

I’ve just had pasta and salad for dinner and I’m planning to head back to the beach for sunset. We’re actually at the end of Prestwick airport runway here and the noise when a plane takes off is something else. It’s not enough to stop you staying here, just enough to realise that you’re at the end of the runway.

Other than that it’s quiet…. Well that is… apart from the lady who just called her daughter on loud speaker. Everyone else is quiet. Seems the big holiday parks are way quieter than I would expect. now she’s just phoned to order a chippy….. g’oan yersel hen.

I’m very tired and can hardly keep my eyes open so it’s going to be a very early night tonight after sunset. here’s the sun out again through the wee wall behind the van.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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