Day 602 Fit Body Farm sunrise, Tartan HQ moon and a FB post going crazy!

Back to the Fit Body Farm this morning… seems too soon… but it went well… lots of kettlebell work this morning.

I go for a shower at the farm before I head to work. I just switched the shower off when I heard a door slam…. Yup… they forgot about me this morning…. Now it’s nowhere near as dramatic as it sounds….. the lights were all off but I found a way out! It was actually quite funny.

I walked out the door to this…..

It took my breath away. So I took so many photos I was almost late for work!

This is the Obstacle Course Race climbing frame
This is where we run some mornings
Sunrise reflections

I drove to work in a daze checking out the view everywhere and when I got to work the moon was high and bright. These photos are nowhere near as pretty.

The colours are amazing….. Shame it’s over an industrial estate but hey this is reality.

It was a good day at Tartan HQ today. I found another mistake I’d made this morning and it wasn’t the end of the world. It was it something that just needed fixed and I didn’t fall apart.

It was very cold this morning….. I actually resorted to foot warmers this morning. Now I have to say, they didn’t work immediately… but they did take the edge off. (49 going on 89 eh?!?) 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣🤣

By midday I was roasting… 🤣

I had feta salad for lunch… I’m back on track today and it feels good. I’ve not lost as much this week but that’s only to be expected with birthday doughnuts and cake 🎂 🤣

This is the garden now… it’s so pretty with lights on.

So that leads me to this FB post… there’s a page called View from my window. It’s lovely. People post so many stunning views from their houses… from all over the world. Most of them post a wee story about how long they lived there, why they live there or what living there has been like for them.

So I thought I’d post a pic from Gran’s chair. Compared to the photos I have seen my view was nothing special but I told them what it meant to me. I currently have 25.8k likes.

Can you believe that?! 3 dogs, some slabs and a wall. How could I have underestimated it so much. To so many people on the world our home is older than their country.

I have been blown away by the comments from people all over the world. It restores your faith in humanity… there are so many people out there with a lovely thing to say. Support for my mental health, oodles of love for the puppers and awe at the history we live with every day and maybe take for granted.

Wow. I’ve just checked again and it’s 25.9k likes now. It’s crazy.

I’ve done loads since I came in from work so it’s been a good day. Things done, boxes ticked and a wee surprise at the power of a simple FB post.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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