Day 585 it’s 11.30am and I’m in bed for a nap 😴 then late lunch out and fireworks for Bonfire Night 🎆 🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇

Jeez I am knackered today. Now to be fair I woke at 4am…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬🤣

I was in bed for 9pm last night and missed the Aurora again but I have a real lethargy at the moment. It’s been a good week but I am tired. I’m dragging myself about the house with no energy so I figured I’ll come to bed and reset.

My throat still isn’t great and I’m coughing a bit now but I don’t feel ill with the cold, just tired.

Now all of that said… I have been to the Fit Body farm and done the following this morning…..

  • Run 7 laps of the farm (8 laps was 2km)
  • 250m on the rowing machine
  • 250m on the ski-erg
  • 20 + burpee broad jumps
  • 20 + walking lunges with 20kg weight
  • 3 sets of sprints
  • Farmers carry with 32kg (I think) for 8 x the distance
  • 25 wall ball target throws
  • Sled push and pull with heavy weights this morning

All before 7am. 😳

Craig did really well and managed the full 2km run in the time but I struggled for breath this morning and ended up one lap short. On reflection I’d probably have been about 4 laps short when I first started this!

It was a lovely sky this morning too.

Earlier on in the week I was buzzing with the exercise but not so much today. I’m buzzing with the electric blanket on and the thought of a nap 😴

I love this a bit too much!!

I took the gruesome threesome out when I got back from the Farm.

It was a very autumnal walk!

Freya keeping an eye on me
Spooky trees!
A nice gate. Been a while since we had a gate..
Mean and moody skies 🌌
Spotted this random buttercup in November?!?! 🌼
Calaidh’s tail! Or shepherds lateen at they call it
How lovely is this tree in one of the gardens on the village?!
Now this is so true!

Ooooh it’s 2.21pm and I just woke up to the bark of barks as Craig came back from work. So much excitement and all I can muster is a wee noise to say hello!

That was a good nap!

So we popped into the village pub next door and had the healthiest options on the menu. Salt and chilli chicken strips to start and Salmon in lemon and parsley 🍋 🌿 butter for mains.

Had to leave most of the potatoes!

So we sat in there until about 6pm. I had a Tanquery 0% gin with Pink Soda and a Gordon’s 0%. I moved on to the pink sofa on its own as I’ve drank them dry of 0% over the last few months. 😂😂

One of the guys set off a quick firework display behind the pub and I ran in to make sure the dogs were ok… thankfully they were fine. Not bothered in the slightest.

Rachel two doors down took this epic shot while I was checking the dogs!
Village flares

So I should explain for international readers where our Guy Fawkes Day, affectionately known as Bonfire Night comes from.

Given the UK’s current political disaster at the moment I’ve seen the following which made me smile and cringe in equal measure. Just a bit of tongue in cheek…. 🤔😌

So a good day with lots of rest. Still got a deep raspy voice but that’s all for now.

Stay safe everyone 🎆🎇🎆