Day 606 shopping with mum!! 🛍🛍🛍🛍♥️

Up before the birds for the Fit Body Farm and did a wee jig in the street when I saw Rachel two doors down getting into the car to go to her gym… we’re a crazy lot in this village!

The farm was hard this morning. Constant activity but at 6-7/10 effort… no breaks. It’s hard to work at 6-7/10 when everyone is bombing past you on the first run and you’re trying to speak in a loud voice to remind them it’s only 6-7/10 effort…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So probably 10 x 500m runs this morning with wall ball targets, burpee broad jumps, sled push and pull and walking lunges with 20kg rec bags in between. As usual it starts off hard but I did settle into using the run as the kind of rest before the next exercise.

It was super cold and windy this morning. The grass was SOAKING and freezing once the wind caught my wet clothes. Yup crazy 😝

So, unusual for a Friday, but I had a shower at the farm so I could head straight to meet Mum without going home first.

The sunrise was pretty spectacular again.

The moon is quite small
Sunrise in the van windows in

So it was a nice drive this morning. A huge trip down memory lane as Google maps took me past Kilmarnock and through East Kilbride , both places we used to live. Not driven those roads in years but missed all the Glasgow traffic and got to Livingston Designer Outlet for 9am.

Of course we did it again and agreed to meet for shopping on Black Friday. The car park was full almost by the time I met mum only about 10-15 minutes later and pretty quickly the shops were heaving!

Of course we went for breakfast first and I had porridge with honey and an Oat Milk Latte. We didn’t get any photos but my FB memories today from 2016!! Told you we make a habit of it!

Today looked pretty much like this but without the chocolate!

This is me in 2016… before I went off sick and piled on the weight!

2016 🤷🏻‍♀️💕💜

So we had a good wander round but definitely don’t have the shopping stamina we used to have. Took some photos in the Lindt shop but proud to say didn’t buy a thing. 😆

How many flavours?!?
This wee guy was huge!
Merry Christmas from Lindt!

We went into Muffin Break for lunch as everywhere was queued out the door except Krispy Kreme and Muffin Break for some reason.

Claire sent me this and said drive carefully home. It was some stormy drive back though I left about 1.30pm. Two hands on the wheel all the way. Yea I know you should always have two hands on the wheel but you know what I mean. Really holding on!

Gavin the Fit Body Farm coach (and owner) has sent me a link to a motivational book called “The Thin Woman’s Brain” and I’ve been listening to it while driving since Tuesday. It’s actually really good and as he said, same applies to guys too.

It explains why we overeat and how naturally thin women have a different relationship to food than those who have generated a food addiction. So today I’ve not had access to the best choices of food but I have thought about the flavours, savoured the food in my mouth and tried not to eat anymore when I became full. It encourages you to think about the difference between actual hunger and brain hunger. Brain hunger is the reason I put on 3 stone throughout my illness. I’ve understood that my buying and devouring the whole bag of Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons, on almost a daily basis, was my body’s way of trying to generate some dopamine. Really all it did was give it a small hit but created an addiction for more. It’s really interesting and well worth a read or listen.

So straight into bed, when I got home, with the electric blanket on! Couldn’t really sleep but had a good hour or so rest.

My FB post on View from my window is now up at 39,600 likes with over 4,700 comments!! I’ve tried to keep up with them but sure I’ll be liking comments for a good few weeks to come. It’s finally slowed today but I’ve got loads to go back to. What a wonderful page.

I think I said before that I have my FB set so that I only see positive posts now and use it as a tool to help me write the blog. It’s a great feeling to take control over what you see.

I’m in jammies ready for a cosy Friday evening in front of the fire as the wind whistles down the chimney and howls outside the windows.

Happy weekend x

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️