Day 581 November already, Fot Body Farm and work!

Wow I can’t believe it’s November already… I’m sure loads of us are still wondering what happened to 2020?!?

How good is this?

So yeah it was still dark for the Fit Body Farm at 6am but it was light by the time I came out today. No need to the head torch.

The Farm was great again today and I was buzzing after the workout. I was struggling with some of the exercises and really tried to dig deep to get through them.

Gavin turned he music up on the last session and it was a great workout best. I speeded up and worked even harder. Finished with a huge grin!

The Farm looking autumnal 🍁🍂

So I have to say I am loving this challenge. I have honestly had to avoid cake at work every day since last Monday…. I am almost a saint. 😇

Work was busy and I had to rush back up the road waiting on the chimney sweep who’s due between 4-6. It’s now 6.03pm and no sign. Slightly pee’d off as I could have walked the dogs on that time but instead I a cuppa and a chat with Claire which is always a welcome distraction!!!

And just like that it’s time for bed!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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