Day 498 a busy day at work!

It’s 20.08 and I’m in bed!

To be fair the football is on and it’s the first time the stadium has had a full crowd in it. It’s just too noisy…. Haha check granny me!

Stay away from drama!

It’s been a really busy day. I had a long lie until 6.10am and was in work early.

We had another busy day with loads going on and lots of comings and going’s.

All good but I did feel pretty jittery through some of it. By jittery I mean a bit anxious, unable to make decisions and flirting from one thing to the next. I just need to calm the hell down.

And to be fair… I did.

I was very aware of it.

My desk was a mess, I was moving from one thing to the next without completing any of it properly.

I decided to clear my desk as I was throwing things on top of other things and it was just looking worse. After I did that I was way more in control and I calmed myself right down.

There is no reason to panic. I am perfectly capable. My mind just pretends that I’m not sometimes.

I came home and made Keralan Prawn Curry for dinner using a Simply Cook recipe that Gemma gave me at work.

It was lovely. Served with basmati rice.

I had a Creme Brûlée Cornetto for pud!

Claire and I took Calaidh out for a walk and it’s a lovely evening.

Love this pic!
Think this sheep sees me watching?!?
The Fuchsia are in full bloom again
She literally just stands here and waits for something to happen!

So I’m shattered now….. home and into bed to write this and read my book.

This is a big week of firsts for me…. I am working 5 days and also going to Fit Body Farm at 6am on 3 of them. I’m making lunches and dinners. I’ve organised our new 5 year mortgage fixed rate. I’m about to hit 500 days of the blog, then hit 950 days in total since Jan 2019 without alcohol. And….. this week will see the last of my anti depressants for the first time in maybe 20-25 years. 😬🤭🤫🙄

I have so much to be thankful for.

But right now I am most thankful for being in my bed….. and that Rangers just scored as I will have a happy hubby.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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