Day 497 busy as an awfy awfy busy thing today!

I had the best sleep ever….. after the whirring mind of yesterday I was out for the count. Not a single rogue voice anywhere telling me to be better, do better…. hallelujah!!

I woke up a few times but love snuggling back down knowing that I would fall back to sleep and when the alarm went off at 5am… it was ok.

The Fit Body Farm was inside today as it was torrential rain this morning. We got totally soaked walking from the car to the Farm!

It was a tough exercise today as it’s so much warmer indoors and it was all about the kettlebells.

Freezing cold shower and off to Tartan to start the working week. I’m doing 5 days this week as we have a holiday at the end of next week.

It was honestly just “wan o’they days today”…. Nothing went quite according to the plan we had laid out. But it was ok. The world didn’t end and we will be back tomorrow to do it all again. 😆

Now I thought this was hysterical….. I quite often can’t find the right words to say when I’m trying to explain something to Craig…. Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we get angry at other but this made me laugh out loud. My friend Anne posted it on FB. I sent it to Craig as soon as I saw it!!


So I’m home now and it’s suddenly super hot. The rain stopped earlier today and it’s been getting nicer ever since. I think the puppers missed me today….

After a tiring day there’s nothing better than cuddles.

Please just throw this….
Freya has made a wee dinky den under the old garden bench…. Bless.

We popped into the pub for a couple before dinner. I had my usual Gordon’s alcohol free gin with slimline tonic.

Happy days.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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