Day 500 of healing from anxiety and depression during Covid-19 times!

Who’d a thunk it?!? I’ve kept this going for 500 days. Wow.

For new readers a quick history of The Rambling Sloth. I first went off sick from work in September 2018 with anxiety which quickly sunk into depression.

I’ve had to drive my own healing journey at a time when I was at the lowest point and I found some amazing therapies and therapists along the way.

I was very lucky to always have the faith that things would work out for the best but it took a good 3 years before I would be back to a 4 day working week.

I’ve re-read that and thought I made it sound fairly “romantic”…. It was hell on earth for a very long time. I cried enough tears for a lifetime. I wished for the ground to swallow me up so it could all be over.

However….every day is a step forward in my journey…. There a few steps back occasionally but this is all a part of healing.

This blog allows me to evaluate my feelings every day. Maybe I overanalyse (here I go again!) but journaling is a really healthy way of evaluating who I am, how I react and what causes it.

So here I am…. Back to working almost full time. Still attending Health Kinesiology once a month roughly and still taking anti-depressants.…… For two more days!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not me but it made me laugh!!

It sums up my reactions to stopping medication. I’ve taken antidepressants for a very, very long time.

I’ve struggled with day to day life for so long. My eagerness to please everyone came at a price. It made me very, very sad inside but I didn’t think my thoughts mattered and put everyone else’s before mine.

With hindsight university, my career path were all things I thought I “should” do. I never put myself first. I needed the anti-depressants to cope.

I’ve been given the chance to reset and re-focus. And I have…. And the Doc thinks I can got it alone now. And so do I. (If you could all just look out for Craig’s sanity over the next few months it would be much appreciated 🙄😬🤭😁😆)

I’ve stopped talk about covid as I try to avoid the news now but COVID-19 has changed our world since I started this blog…

Those are some horrific numbers

Really sadly there have been millions of cases of COVID-19 in the UK and thousands of deaths.

We still wear masks. We don’t shake hands. We hug less though I forget that sometimes….

We stayed home for for about 8 months of the last 2 years. We couldn’t go out, we just had to stay in our own homes and not meet up with anyone else. We were driven apart. But we all learned so much from it.

We slowed down. We stopped. We learned how important human connection was. we missed everyone. We slobbed out. We lived in comfies (I’d been doing that for 2 years before anyway….)

We have to take the positives out of this.

I don’t know what my tomorrow’s are going to bring but I know that I will give them my best effort.

I might not always get it right and there might be days I think I can’t cope. But I will. Because I have always done and will always do.

Thanks for following my ramblings. It means the world to me. 🌍🥰

This makes me laugh!

Stay safe everyone 🥰🥰🥰