Day 508 camping in the countryside 🏕🚐

I just love being in the countryside. It’s so peaceful. I can hear the odd distant car and birds chirping. There in only one other van on the whole campsite. And the sun has just come out!

We had a lovely evening. We sat out until 10.30 chatting around the fire. The dogs went into the tent to sleep.

Craig got smoke in his eyes at a crucial moment but love Calaidh watching me.

I slept pretty well. It’s not the comfiest of beds in the world but last night I had the whole van to myself!!! Craig and the puppers slept in the tent. Now…. Those of you who know me well….. you know I love my husband and dogs…. But… I mean…. Hullo…. Is this not the way forward?!?!?

My morning view….

Then I was spotted….. mums awake… yay!!!

Here they come……. Quick shut the door!!

6.53am 🤦🏻‍♀️

Straight away we got the fire going again and had coffee. Love, love, love a campfire coffee.

Took the dogs for a walk round the one way dog walk loop. You can’t let them off which is a shame but still…. They get a decent walk. There’s a lovely wild flower garden on the way in to the campsite. Was the look I was going for with my meadow garden at home and failed at…. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆

Dogs breakfast!

We then fried bacon and heated croissants….

Turns out there’s a fine line between heating a croissant and burning it….. just need to be on the ball… I got there.

I got Bhru!

By about 11 the sun came out and it’s shorts time again!

The view from our walled garden 😆

Spotted this Scotland flag flying across the field from us. A wee proud “love my country” moment!

Just loving the set up we have here. I don’t think we are ever truly able to relax on a campsite with 3 dogs.

I now have my feet up on my “blow up ottoman” in front of the fire and will stay that way until the sun goes in!!

Ok so the sun didn’t stay around but it was out for a good hour or so. I finished my book….. I actually cried as it was sad at the end. I had tears streaming down my face!! I’ve not had emotions like that for so long as the Setraline numbed it all. Thanks Evelyn for keeping me going in books for most of this year!

I started another book (thanks to mum for the next huge stash… Evelyn these could come your way!) and then climbed up into the pop top for a quick nap.

While Craig took the puppers for another walk.

I had a good wee nap up there and woke up to the puppers trying to find me!!

How do I get up there mumma?!?

We’re trying out Craig’s new smoker today so we are being maple wood and smoking fish on top of the fire.

What an amazing smell!! The fish we smoked just tasted like fish to be fair….. is like to say maple smoked fish but disappointingly… just fish.

Next up is Camembert with red onion relish.


Served with crusty bread. A camping must from now on. No need for any dinner tonight!

I’m still roasting ma tootsies in front of the fire.

There have been about 4 spots of rain but nothing more. It’s been a lovely lazy day sotting around a camp fire.

Nothing else matters when you stare into the flames.

And throw the odd tennis ball for a happy pupper. 🎾🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Stay safe everyone 🎾🎾🎾