Day 484 the day that ran away with itself!!

Just popping on quickly to say hi…. I don’t know where this day has gone, just been so busy but all good here.

Work all day then home to let the dogs out and they greeted me at the door in their little goonies.

My lovely neighbour Holly and her kids walked the dogs today and I think they’d either been playing in a burn or white the hose as they were wet but all cosied up.

So cute to come home to this but no know what they’ve been up to! They are truly knackered now though….. not a peep out of any of them!!

I had to rush back out to Kinesiology tonight and we worked on issues with my hormones. A very rare occurrence but I was fully balanced before we started. I mean come on….. check me. That never happens!!! Must be something to this working, gym and cold water stuff…

We worked on some conflict within myself. I am working hard on not thinking badly of others and seeing everything from others perspectives and I would say 75-80% of the time I can do that. The other 20-25% I feel annoyed with myself if I moan about something or speak badly of someone.

I don’t think you can be a truly positive person if you don’t think positively all the time and that was causing some conflict inside of me. The work we did tonight will help address a hormone imbalance that may have been contributing to this. I think 🤔 that’s an accurate report!!

I randomly have a wedding reception tomorrow night so am taking Abbie the campervan to a campsite near the venue and staying the night to save having to drive all the way home. Had to rush about and find a dress…. Blah blah…. You get the jist.

I’m rushing everything….. even this.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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