Day 472 out of the office is on and there’s not been a cloud in the sky all day! ☀️

I’m not sure I remember such a consistent run of hot weather in Scotland. Maybe the last time was summer 2018 when we had a heat wave. A few days that I’ve left work today the car has read 35C. I know it’s not but it sure as hell is inside the van!

I did not stop for a photo session on the way to work this morning. I wanted to…. it was so beautiful.

I have my out of office on my email from tonight for just less than a week. Only started full days Monday to Thursday this week and I’m off already. Maybe that’s why I found the week so easy.

This is my view just now. It’s scorching hot again and honestly there’s not been a cloud in the sky all day. My blog friend who writes The Windsor Waffle has messaged to say how gloomy it’s been in Windsor. I think we have pinched Windsor’s weather for a few weeks?!?! Long may it continue.

Positively tropical!

We are off on our Overland and Borders adventures again tomorrow in Abbie the Camper van. It’s gonna be hot I think!

Craig has actually bought cooling mats for the dogs as it will be super hot for them.

He’s also packing then van just now while I sit out in the sun like Lady Muck, writing this and painting my toenails in some horrific neon pink I got free with perfume at Christmas!!! It may not really go with my mustard flip flops but I am wearing them come hell or high water… with neon pink toes…. 😆🥳

Oooooh I just checked the forecast and it now says foggy until Sunday afternoon….. NO!!!!!!!! I wish I hadn’t bothered. It will be fine.

Welcome to my life!
So very true! 💕

Stay safe everyone 🥳🥳🥳