Day 464 sleep, work, sleep…. a meh kind of day.

This made me laugh!

Oooh I feel I have not much to wax lyrical about today. I have rambled so much I just need some silence….. we all know that never stops me. 😉🤣

I feel bit meh today. A bit fed up. Tired (as usual). Bit grumpy.

I had a great sleep. We had a lovely salmon dinner last night and watched a movie and was in bed by 9am.

I mean for me that is pretty damn good eh?!?

I slept pretty well. Up twice to the loo but the it’s because I’m trying to drink more water to see if that fills me up to stop me eating. Cause and effect eh?! I also had to take ibuprofen for my knee at midnight. It hurts under the weight of the blanket.

Today was long lie day but 6.30am didn’t feel like the amazing lie in that it usually does. I tried to change my thinking first thing. It’s a new day and every day is for living…. I bounded out of bed. At some point I laughed at myself thinking nice try.

Work was good….busy as usual. I had big plans and they didn’t go to plan and other things took over…. but that’s ok. I was a bit all over the place at one point but I hadn’t eaten and I’d had 3 coffees! Sure I made that note to self yesterday?!?

Didn’t get home until 2.30 and I had a list of calls that needed making and I did them before I walked the dogs. I made the list Sunday…. If it’s not on a list it’s not getting done. 🤣

Not often we catch Calaidh in a good run action shot!
Look at the sky!
It’s really dark but sunny… think the rain is coming again
This way!
This one’s shut
Arty weed shot

So yeah do you ever have those days where you feel tired of constantly feeling tired. I have loads that I should be doing but none of which I can actually be bothered doing. Why do today what can wait till tomorrow?!? I’m sure that’s the right way around?!?

I’m sitting outside writing the blog and the sun is still trying to burn through the clouds. I honestly just want to get into bed. It’s 6.09pm.

Ive read this back and I’ve deleted 3 paragraphs of moaning…. 🤣 honestly we need to allow ourselves to be tired and to rest.

I love this…. ♥️

Sorry for the mump. Hope normal service will resume tomorrow. Hope I haven’t gorged myself on chips, pizza, chocolate and crisps before then as the thought is very tempting….

Stay safe everyone 😴😴😴