Day 467 a very productive day!

Jeezo it’s 4.30pm and I am exhausted….. been a busy few days but I am done now and I intend not moving for the rest of the weekend!

It is very hot. It’s 24C here today and it’s cloudy. I love the warmth. It’s been threatening rain all afternoon, it’s so close I feel like we need a good thunderstorm to clear the air but it needs to stay dry for the next few hours as I’ve just stained the decking!

We had coffee outside in the sun this morning before Craig went to work. Of course there’s always that pressure to throw a tennis ball for a pupper or two but it’s lovely to have peace and quiet and only the birds tweeting like crazy.

Oh that reminds me, we sat out at 10.30pm last night watching 2 tiny bats flying around above us. Chasing each other. It was fascinating…. Until they got to close and I remembered they were bats 🦇🦇and I got scared 😳 🤣

So back to my day. I took Bhruic and Freya out as Craig was taking Calaidh out for a big walk this afternoon.

It’s a lovely day in the countryside
Checking out the gate
This coo was mooooooooing big time….
At this coo in the other field!! They were having a wee chat. Of course there were then a few woo woo woo’s from Freya as she had to join in.
Ready….. steady…..
They went this way!
Found them!
Lovey hedgerow
On the way back down…. The chatting coos have moooooooooooved up the field a bit
Lovely clouds
Everything is so lovely mid summer in the sun

So back home, hung up a washing, quick shower then out to B&Q. We have 4 tubs of decking stain in the shed but one seems to be empty, 2 have broken lids therefore could be contaminated and the last one isn’t the one we usually use. Dammit. Last thing I wanted to do on a day off but hey. I’m in and out B&Q by 11.15am. The decking oil I bought was £55 a can!!!!! £55?!?!? It’s Ronseal Ultimate so it’s good stuff but that was £110 just on decking stain. Adulting is very unfair at times.

I then figured that if I’m going to be “almost full time” next week at work then I need breakfast and lunches. So popped in to Asda on the way home. Asda on a Saturday just before lunchtime is pretty busy…. But hey it’s done now. All put away when I got back and I did my wee list again so I know what’s in the fridge and when it needs eaten by. Hopefully means we’ll chuck less out.

Back home and had a Krispy Kreme doughnut for lunch. Healthy huh and started staining the decking.

I don’t want to do it but it needs doing and it’s due to rain so it needs done while it’s dry.

(I need to say here that is now 4.52pm and its actually RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!! Only teeny spots and it better not come to anything as the forecast is for pure blue skies and wall to wall sunshine. If I sit out here writing this I will ignore the spots of rain…!)

After?!?!?!? Hmmmm….. pic doesn’t look any different. This only took 45 minutes but it felt like hours!

Just noticed my mop is attractively drying on the wood store too…. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

After…. Again… deceptive!

So I am knackered. I’ve sat down and it’s getting cooler and I’m still ignoring the wee spots of rain. I’m in denial……

I’ve done 4 loads of washing today and I can no longer deny this rain……now I’ve just taken them all in, some dry, some not…. The spots have rain have stopped. You gotta love the Scottish weather honestly it has no idea what it wants to do from one minute to the next!

She is right in front of me…. In fact my knee in the pic…. Gie’s peace!!

Going to have a lazy evening and I’m still sitting outside. Enjoying nature!

Stay safe everyone 🌸🌺🌼