Day 474 exploring Glencoe on our holidays!

It’s still not that sunny. I go through phases of being so p’d off that we’re sitting under cloud and everyone else has scorching sunshine…. And then being truly grateful for where we are and how relaxing it is.

I say that and I didn’t get the best sleep last night but that was mostly dog related. We put the dogs in the awning and like miss inquisitive Bhruic realises she can get out of one of the doors and I hear her trying to get in the van at 4.30am! From then on we were the proverbial pupper trampoline!

We got up before 8 and I took the dogs a big walk up around the Glencoe Visitor Centre.

The view from the van
The mist is actually pretty stunning
Glencoe Visitor Centre
Found this view point
Found this old wall
What’s over there?!?
There’s a wee hoosie!
Random two forestry trees left standing!
Tiny thistles!
I sent out the exploration team!!
Breakfast of champions
The sun came out!!!!
Where did you go Mumma?!? You get this every time you come back from the toilet block!

So I forgot to say but by shear fluke Craigs brother and his wife are at the same campsite!! They didn’t know we had booked and so arrived last night.

This morning we all went for a walk into Glencoe. We had a quick drink once they got settled. Alcohol free Erdinger for me. Still one of my favs.

We passed the site of the Glencoe Massacre.

Info board saying this is the site
This house was in the centre of it all
On the banks of Loch Leven
The Glencoe Folk Museum
Glencoe Lochan

Craig and I had been coming to Glencoe for years and only found the Lochan on one of our last visits. It’s a lovely place to go and you can walk right round it easily. There are loads of other walks around the area too.

Not a breath of wind!
The pups had lots of fun in the water!
Think I finally got all five dogs in one picture!
Looking back towards Glencoe
I love this!
Lily pads in the pond

We wandered back into Glencoe in search of coffee!!

Zoom in on these guys! Craig spotted these stags, both have huge antlers!!

We stopped for a coffee and a cake but seemed to chose THE most expensive place in Glencoe.

The Gathering at the Glencoe Inn

Two cappuccino, two scones with cream and jam, 2 portions of chips and two beers… £34.40!!!!!!!!! The scones were a fiver each and in all honesty the staff seemed mildly irritated by our order.

We wanted to sit outside as we have five dogs. They said we’d have to have the takeaway menu outside…. Which is fine… but the takeaway menu was nothing like the menu they were offering for takeaway once you went in to order. It felt like no one had any idea what was going on and we were just being a pest!!

Of course this did make me smile
The Pap of Glencoe finally came out of the mist!!!

Many gates to follow!!

Double gate

We had a lazy afternoon sitting outside so I still have shorts and flip flops on but the sun isn’t breaking through much. Didn’t get my nap but did finish my book! Just couldn’t put it down.

We went to Stuart and Lee’s van for a BBQ tonight. Sat outside until about 10pm so it shows how warm it is even if there’s no sun. I will get over that…. I promise to try!!

The blog’s not uploading tonight so I’m going have to go to bed without posting it. Sure it will post sometime…. Update it’s all good this morning. Happy Sunday folks xx

Stay safe everyone 🏔🏔🏔

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