Day 462 gym, work, dog walk, nana nap!!

Ooooh I did not sleep well last night….. I was asleep but I felt awake. One of those ones. I didn’t feel rested at all.

When the alarm went off at 5am I was not impressed, despite having been in bed since 8.30pm last night…. And it was POURING!!!!

The rain got heavier and heavier as we drove to the Fit Body Farm. I actually made me laugh as it was as if the skies were determined to push more out just to prove they could!! 😆 we were going to be soaked to the skin again.

Thankfully the workout was indoors this morning. We had 4 workouts….. appetiser, starter, dinner and dessert!! Craig said at the very start that he thought we should skip dessert. 12 burpee broad jumps followed by 120 high knees….. 9 burpee broad jumps and 90 high knees and then 6 burpee broad jumps with 60 high knees….. that was just dessert!!!!!

Would you believe we all rushed outside at the end like crazy people so we could cool down and stretch in the fresh rain. Nothing better!!

Work was super busy today. We had 3 vans drop off for some conversion work so had time spent chatting with customers…. Just like the old days. Ended up staying on a wee bit to catch up with some orders that needed placing.

I felt a bit manic at one point today but to be fair, that could have been the 3 coffees I sunk in quick succession….. must reduce caffeine. 🤦🏻‍♀️😉🤣

Should try this sometime!

The rain had stopped sometime during the morning and so it was dry for the puppers walk this afternoon. My knee has been playing up again, coinciding with my eating more processed foods maybe, so it’s actually gowping a bit. I should really get some ice on it. My shoulder’s playing up too. Old age doesn’t come easy does it?!?

Check the posers in the very green field. Amazing that the rain has change the colour of the field so dramatically. This was yellow the other day.
Check he speed of these two! Missed Freya!!
She’s laughing at me for missing her in the pic!

And then I had a nap. Well I had a chat with mum first, then read some of my book and feel asleep. Despite the barking dogs best intentions I did actually sleep. I feel a bit drugged after it but I needed it.

So it’s Craig’s only night home this week and I’m cooking a side of salmon with roasted broccoli and baked potatoes. Still loving my list of foods in the fridge….. it really helps me see what’s there to be cooked.

So a wee evening in front of the tv for us I think. No doubt we’ll be in bed by 9pm as that’s how we roll in these Fit Body Farm days. I only signed up for a year. Next year we can stay up till 10pm. 🤣🤣🤣

Stay safe everyone 😴🛌😴

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