Day 969 the Fit Body Farm, the little gift shop and meeting a lovely group of Menopause Mates!

I cried aloud when the alarm went off at 5am. I’d had such a great sleep, I didn’t want to get up but I bounded out of bed and got ready for the Farm. (It was a bit of a big effort “bound” if I’m honest 😆)

And boy, the Farm was hard work this morning. We were in pairs and had to work while our partner rested. We did 2 lengths of the gym pushing a heavy sled then a 250m run before our partner took over, we rested while they did theirs stint and then we did it all over again….for 12 minutes.

Then 20 x 4kg wall ball target throws followed by a 250m run, for 12 minutes and then 8 burpees followed by a 250m run for 12 minutes. 😳😆

I was knackered!!

Andrena and I barely spoke during it, other then to give the odd word of encouragement as we got our breath back. Hard work but a great workout with a great buddy!

I went out into the garden with the dogs when I got back. It’s a cold but lovely morning.

Throw the ball mum.

I’m not giving her the ball back….

I don’t care about the ball, just wanna play with Bhruic!

Me and my shadow….. Freya always follows Bhru around.

I jumped in the shower to get ready for work and headed to get my Christmas nails done before work this morning.

Back home for 15 minutes and then off to work at the little gift shop. (yeah I know, I’m knackered just writing it!)

Had another lovely day, with lots of lovely chat, but forgot to wear a Christmas jumper today! 😂

I was about to say that I came home for a quick bite to eat but that reminded me….. I need to draw a line again. I’ve said a few times this week that I’ve been gorging on food.

Shovelling it in.

It has to stop.

My good jeans are tight today. “No wonder” my inner voice screamed at me this morning!

Anyway, it has stopped a bit today. I am aware of it. I haven’t eaten the best of food but I have chewed it slowly and savoured it, rather than scoffing it without breathing. I feel fuller than I would have yesterday.

All of that said… I’m off to Gro Coffee in Irvine tonight with a lovely group of ladies from the Fit Body Farm…. Some of whom I’ve never even met as they got to classes at different times.

I posted on our FBF Members page one day… I was saying how amazing it was to work out there on a beautiful sunrise morning, when I’d felt so bad the day before, having just started HRT.

So many girls replied to my post and we got “chatting” and one of them set up a Messenger chat group where we can all talk about our symptoms and generally provide support to each other. It’s been a great group to be a part of.

So tonight we’re having a coffee catch up in Gro in Irvine….. there will be cakes…. Yeah I know….

I better go and get ready as I have to be out in 20 minutes… the blog took up all of my rest time but I do feel much better!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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