Day 968 first day of advent… hello December, already!

I am trying to be in the Christmas spirit this year as it’s not usually my thing. I have chosen to ignore the magic of Christmas for years now.

I have the most amazing M&S advent calendar which I got from my Aunt & Uncle for my 50th…. That really was the birthday that keeps on giving.

It has loads of M&S beauty products in it. I’ve never had anything quite like it and I was so excited to open it this morning.

I even looked out the Christmas jumpers this morning and wore one to work. I mean come on….. could I be any more Christmassy?!?

I’ve had a really good day at work today. I wasn’t in the best headspace but turned it all around. Managed to think straight through the confusion and ended up thinking it was a great day.

I didn’t think I slept well last night, was up a few times in the night and was clenching my jaw so much I couldn’t move it when I first woke up.

I woke with a thumping headache but it passed after my first lemsip of the day! Seems I actually got 8.5 hours which is pretty amazing. Funny how I thought exactly the opposite.

I’m sitting watching a very cheesy Christmas movie as I write this and Craig is out at work.

Bhruic is cuddled into my Christmas jumper and check the Christmas jammies too… I’m really trying!

One thing I did want to talk about…. Is anyone else in the UK wondering what had happened to the size of our toilet rolls?!?

They are double the thickness that they used to be and they are all over the shops now. The ones in work have grown too!!! 😂

The latest thing in our world to change I guess…. Toilet roll is now as thick as kitchen roll. Who knew?!

I’m still stuffing my face with any food I can get my hands on. I’ve put on so much weight this week… but I can’t do everything at once. It is what it is.

So not much else to report. Have a busy weekend so will no doubt have a really early night again tonight.

Stay safe everyone 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼

6 thoughts on “Day 968 first day of advent… hello December, already!

  1. Not noticed the big loo rolls.. going to keep an eye out 🤣. What was in your advent calendar no.1 box for you today? I was going to get the M & S calendar but in the end got the Avon one this year. I had a nice reddy pink lipstick that I wore today.. just eyed up the no. 2 box for tomorrow.. looks a bit mascara shaped.. ?!.🤔we will see X

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    1. Oh wow, an Avon one would be amazing. I got dark circle cream today and didn’t say as I’m going to put it in as an extra in a Christmas gift 😂😂 enjoy box 2!! X

      Oh and loo rolls are HUGE!!! 😂

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