Day 996 what day is it?!?

Not a clue. I just know that I’m off on holiday and it’s really rather nice. I could get used to this.

I had the best sleep….. I remembered to take my progesterone last night which was good.

I was in bed from 8.30pm right through until 9.20am. I mean, come on, check me.

I could not wake up….. I still have a headache and twinges of cramp and sleeping was just amazing.

I finally dragged myself out of bed and got ready to take the dogs out. Was out by 10am. Was so lucky I didn’t get soaked as it’s rained on and off all day.

I laughed as I walked when I thought “todays dog walk was brought to you by animal pee and poop”… there was a stunning, big Kestrel or Falcon sitting up on a tree in a field as we walked by….. it spread its huge wingspan and took flight, as it pooped out a huge white fountain from its rear. It was amazing to see and of course, I soooo wish I’d caught it on camera.

Next was the sheep that stood staring at me, challenging as it did the longest pee. Made me smile.

Anyway, moving on….. For my 50th birthday I got vouchers from Rachel two doors down and Holly next door, for My Serenity Boutique (click link!) in Kilwinning. I don’t get much chance to get there so had it in mind to head there today. I asked Rachel if she was free and off we went post dog walk.

I forgot to take a pic of the shop when we arrived so I pinched this off their website.

I was actually shaking as I got there as I’d struggled to get parked in the car park. As usual my fight or flight just wants to head home as the car park was too busy. Rachel noticed a woman leaving and I got I her space no problem. Bloody anxiety is such a pain at times. I was convinced I was going to hit something.

So I managed to get a lovely pair of fur lined biker boots and a T-shirt. All in all I spent £2. What an amazing gift eh?!

We flew back up the road as I had a nail appointment at 1.30pm at Viv’s Nails and Beauty in Glengarnock. All go on my day off! 😂

Back to a lovely red in time for Hogmanay. It will go great with my red jammies if we decide to stay home instead of go out 😂😂

I’m still fasting. I did 18 hours today. Sill drinking plenty of water and honestly not feeling hungry at all. It seems to work for me.

Check this lovely candle my mother in law gave me.

It’s so pretty.

I was driving around today thinking how miserable this dark, wet and windy weather is. It felt quite a negative thought.

Then I realised it allows us to rest. It allows us the excuse of lighting candles, snuggling in blankets in front of the fire and generally relaxing. I love the twinkly lights against the dark.

I’ve found a few lovely things on line that I want to share.

We talked about going out for dinner tonight but I think it will be another night in instead. 😂 Can never have too much relaxation.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️