Day 865 “by yon bonnie banks” 🎶🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

So work today as usual then headed straight up to Loch Lomond as quickly as I could!

Don’t panic, Craig is joining me this time but I’ve come away tonight as he had a meeting tomorrow that he can’t miss. I only got here at 6.30pm as I popped home to pick up a pupper.

Check Lady Bhruic acting as if butter wouldn’t melt!

We have an Overland and Borders Instagram account hence the logo on the seats. Prior to COVID we managed to get away a lot and used to post our adventures on the @overlandandborders Insta page. These days it’s fallen by the wayside and we really should get back to it. For those early blog followers you may remember the blog started out as Overland and Borders but it didn’t really feel right to me and after much musing and rumination, The Rambling Sloth was born! I do have an insta for that too but it’s mostly video clips of the places I go! Feel free to follow! @theramblingsloth

Anyway I digress!

So I got here at 6.30pm and the heavens opened as soon as I parked up and had a quick wander round.

This…. Is Loch Lomond and it’s about 30 steps away from Abbie the camper van!


It was torrential! Stotting down!

I made dinner for myself and Bhru while it rained and as soon as it stopped we were off out for a big walk along Milarrochy Bay.

Love this wee lane (when we came back that puddle had gone!)
Reflections in a big puddle
Very dark rainy skies
Finally the sun!
One of the famous Milarrochy Bay trees…. Bhru says “keek!”
The sun makes the mountains look all moody
Very heavy clouds
Lovely rock formation
Pretty view
Suns almost setting

Was so lucky to get the sunset! I’d have missed it if I’d been 10 minutes later! I have always wanted to get a shot like this.

The famous Milarrochy Bay sunset pic!
More giant rocks!

I love this next photo as the clouds look like they are following the shape of the beach.

Heavy sunset clouds

Back at the van. We have a prime spot on the water front right next to the pier. Wish we had paddle boards with us as it would be amazing for that! Ok so we don’t have paddle boards but that’s a minor issue….

I’ve had another really good day. I’ve been calm and in control. I only got a real fear when I had to climb a 10% incline hill in the van just outside Balmaha.

I hate that hill…. Hate is a strong word but I have to go down to first gear to get up it…. It just gives me the fear. 😱😆

Craig will be up after his meeting tomorrow with Calaidh and Freya. The forecast is not great but we’ll be outside the minute the sun shines… making hay…. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Bhru and I are going to settle down early for the night!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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