Day 857 scorchio!!

The dogs are sleeping in the living room just now as it’s too hot for them upstairs. Go sunny Scotland!

This means they were up and about before we hit the Farm this morning. They’re happy on the bed but sad to be left behind…

It’s a beautiful sunrise. Honestly just takes my breath away every time.

As I took this photo I found this lovely stone.

I almost think someone put it there for me to find. What a lovely start to the day.

The Farm is great, it’s barbell weights day again and I love it.

I recognise a guy who’s not normally there but assume he’s from a later class…. but at the very end he asks if I’m still at my old work…. Ahhhh so that’s where I know you from….

I can’t tell you what a trigger it is. Had a lovely chat with a lovely guy but hearing about everyone who’s still there (of course I asked…. I quick-fired questions at him…) realising it goes on without me, so many people are not in touch. I am the kind of person that used to make my work my life. It hurt that I never mattered that much to them. That’s feeling like I must have failed because I couldn’t handle the culture…. Blah blah blah… beats self up with very big stick. It’s very hard not to feel like a failure and feel a bit lost as I’m no longer a part of that world.

The lovely Isy tagged me in this today… I swear she sometimes knows my thoughts and yet we’ve never even met!

Yet I realise now how much more there is to life than death by work.

As I drive to work I drive over the River Irvine outside Dreghorn. Every morning I want to stop and take a photo but I can’t as there is nowhere to stop.

It’s beautiful. This morning it’s so still in the low sun. The wide river is barely flowing. So atmospheric.

Then I remember driving on the motorway to the last place wondering if I had an accident would that get me off work? Would that get me off the hook enough to not have to be there and deal with my day? How much of an accident would it need to be to not really hurt me but be enough. 😳


I’ll stick with the River Irvine commute and my new life any day. I am so grateful for everything I have now.

I used to spend my life at my old job wishing I worked for somewhere like Tartan Campers.


And then I drive into the car park at work and there he is…. puppy Peanut!!!

So it’s been a good day at work, hot this afternoon!

I’m sitting outside now looking for campsites for a wee 2 night away and nothing I want is available. I’m being quite strict with location though, must be near the sea. That limits things a bit. I might just have to do a couple of day trips. It’s a lengthy process going through their respective booking forms only to find that they’re full!

It’s 6.22pm and it’s still scorching hot! I have crochet tonight and we might get to sit outside in the sun if the beer garden is still in the shade. Here’s hoping!

Just look at that sky!!

Stay safe everyone ☀️☀️☀️

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