Day 854 a misty Sunday

I had zero plans today. I slept like a log last night and had a good lie in.

Calaidh has a new place to hide these days. We always sit in the sun room with coffee at the weekend.

Then she gives you the eye with the ball….

It’s all about the ball….

So I ended up sneaking up on the housework this morning. Love it when that happens. None of the dread of “having to do housework” just deciding to do it and getting it done. Easy.

We had a spider in the living room last night that gave me such a fright. It was enormous. I caught Bhru watching something and wondered what it was… mountaineering up the wall! 😱 of course it snuck behind the whiskey cabinet…. 😳😱

I’ve approached the living room with fear and trepidation today. 🤣

There is no sign of it.

I have to stop manifesting spiders.

Speaking of that I’m still doing a nightly visualisation for weight loss. I’m sure it’s helping my anxiety by meditating every night before I go to sleep.

I took the dogs for a walk this afternoon and this made me laugh.

I post loads of photos like this but have you ever realised just how often they swap around on a walk…. It’s incessant! These are all taken within about 5 minutes.


Found some thistles.

And a wee that’s defying the odds and growing up through a parking cone!

We’re watching From on Sky SciFi and it’s pretty addictive. I told Craig I was making diner tonight and he was to remind me of that when I said I couldn’t be bothered…. It’s lucky I did as when the time came, I couldn’t be bothered. But we did it and had feta and salami stuffed chicken with Aspargus wrapped in Parma ham and potatoes. Would have been so easy not to cook that but I’m glad we did.

I’ve finished my next crochet blanket, just got the ends to tie in and then I’ll take some photos. I’ve felt bored today, as if I’m not making the day count and yet actually writing this I see that I have had a pretty damn good day.

That’s what it’s all about.

So here’s your Sunday evening reminder that you can face everything that life throws at you this week as we have done 100% of the time so far.

There’s a chance that we might actually get some sunshine here this week. That will do very nicely. ☀️☀️☀️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

2 thoughts on “Day 854 a misty Sunday

  1. Never noticed puppies swap around on a walk. What else am I not noticing? Have to admit more of a music gal than visual. Must do better. 🎶😂😘

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