Day 518 how hard is it to fuel up with diesel at 7.30am?!? The rest of the day was spot on!

At least I can laugh at myself. You want to have seen the meal I made of filling up with diesel this morning…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I would like to try and pass this off as some kind of menopausal brain melt but I may be pushing it…. 🙄😬

So I leave early as we are really busy at work and decide to stop at Sainsbury’s for fuel along the way. Here is the catalogue of errors that followed…..

  • Faff about trying to scan club card under the slot for the bank card
  • Find the scanner and scan but then try to fit the bank card in above it… nope that’s not where it goes
  • Find the payment card slot… put it in upside down
  • Have to do it all again…. Much faster second time round
  • Take the pump out and stand pressing like a loony….. how can the girls at the counter not see I’m trying to refuel… cursing them under my bresth
  • Turn back to the machine which shows its back to the start telling me to pay at the kiosk
  • BACK TO THE START… do it all again and then card declined
  • Drive forward to the other pump and do it all again…. This time in the right order and finally I can start to re-fuel
  • Pump clicks every 10 seconds hinting the tank it’s full…. I know it’s not
  • Finally a full tank of fuel

Now is it just me or do you all have these moments?! That was totally on me. No one else just me not concentrating one iota!!!

So I’m no earlier for work as I lost the extra 15 minutes detouring and messing up refuelling!!

So other than that I’ve had the best Monday in ages. I’ve been in control, working through lists, getting stuff done. Not like me on a Monday…..

One thing that does surprise me is that my ability to make small talk seems to have left me. I feel there’s more to life than small talk but given a huge part of my job will require it I better get used to it again. 😬🤫🙄🤣

So I didn’t get away until 5.30 tonight so I’m super tired, on the couch with two bagels and chocolate watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Poor Craig is working until 9.30 so I’ll be long gone by then!

I’m also meeting my brother and friends for dinner in Edinburgh tomorrow so given than I will work 8-4 then drive to South Queensferry until 5.30 then train into Edinburgh for dinner at 6.15 then back to the train station out to South Queensferry then drive back home….. there is a fair certainty that there will be no blog tomorrow night. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Oh and I deleted soooooo many photos from my phone yesterday’s I can highly recommend the Cleanup app.

Erm……… ok…… I think!

I still have 44,000 pics to sort through but that’s way more bearable that 56,000.

‘Scuse language…… but this next one….. wow!

Have to end with a nice one ❤️🧡💛💜

Stay safe everyone 🧡💛💜

4 thoughts on “Day 518 how hard is it to fuel up with diesel at 7.30am?!? The rest of the day was spot on!

  1. I had lost my ability for small talk through lockdown Julie. Sounds impossible you say?
    Face to face interaction has given me back my confidence.

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