Day 516 Abbie got gassed and other stories!!!

Oh what a dramatic start to the day…. Well actually I have to back peddle a bout to 2.32am. WIDE AWAKE. At least until 4am.

Last nights takeaway did not go down well and my mind was whirling with activity. I did finally fall back to sleep.

We were woken by some “woo-woo-wooing” about 7.30am… Bhruic’s way of saying she’s awake without barking the house down. Thoughtful of her. Still has the same affect. Me…. Awake.

Up and straight out with the dogs. What a beautiful morning.

So I’ll talk briefly about all the morning drama before 9am… then I will post the lovely pics to cheer us all up again.

I’m joint admin on a non-drinking group on FB. Chief admin posted something very dear to their heart, something they are very passionate about. The first comment I saw said “and we’re done” the second comment said “ I’m sorry this is not the place for this kind of discussion, I’m going to report you”.

Now COVID is a very emotive subject these days. We do our best to keep “political views” and COVID-19 views out of our dialogue. We are, at the end of the day, a group focussed on helping each other to become alcohol free. Now I have never personally met any of these people but they were with me through the darkest times in my life and always had the right things to say when I needed it. I consider many of them to be good friends. I guess what I’m saying is I couldn’t have the group split up by a post that rocked our culture to its very core.

I deleted it.

We have ejected members of the group for a lot less.

Now those of you who know me or have followed my journey… will have some idea that I could never, ever have done this in the past.

If I speak my truth I will be calm.

I had to do something. Chief admin has every right to be very upset but as admin we cannot abuse our position. These people are not a part of the group to follow us. They are a part of the group for support to give up booze. There was zero mention of the whole ethos of our group in the post.

I spoke my truth and I am calm. And pretty chuffed with myself as a result.

So drama 1 done for now….. Drama 2 our Village pub next door had to shut again as both kids now have COVID caught at school….. we go on holiday a week today. We’ve been in the pub and just can’t help feeling that it’s way to close to us and way to close to our holiday. This would be a tough one to deal with if……

So it’s now maybe 9.10am…… and just as a reminder…. All this on day 14 of no anti-d’s to take the strain.

Back to the lovely dog walk.

How stunning is this hedgerow?!? Wow. Especially in the morning sun!
Me an the puppers

After I messaged yesterday about the list of things I hadn’t achieved this week my friend Lesley suggested GMK Autoparts in Dalry for air con regassing….. and here we are by 9.30am.

Abbie has air con!!!!

What a great place. I bought air fresheners and screen wash and it was just over £60!

What a lovely guy that worked there too. Chatted away about holidays and dogs etc.

The air con is amazing. Out of this world actually and it’ll make it so much more bearable to drive in the heat…. As we step into autumn…. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So I popped into Lidl’s afterwards as Craig and I have become a bit obsessed with their fresh baked pretzels 🥨

Oops there’s only 5 left!

I came home and spent the morning cleaning out the van and packing things back in. The air freshener smells fab! Hopefully it’s calmed down a bit before we have to sleep in the van next week…. And then I sat down in the garden to have a coffee. That was an hour ago. It’s hot. It’s lovely.

I hung 2 washings out to dry and then Claire popped in with a bottle of Eisberg non alcohol wine and some Squashies as they are getting some work done next week and she’s apologising for the noise in advance. I like an advanced apology for something that will never bother us anyway. Methinks more advanced apologising is necessary in the world 🤣🤣🤣

Craig and I sat out for a bit and have been back out in the van sampling aircon and air freshners and putting things away. It’s the cleanest the van has been in a long time!

So despite the difficult things I’ve dealt with this morning I’ve felt super positive today. I’m proud of myself for speaking up for what I believe in.

I still feel calm and ready for a good nights sleep.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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