Day 514 Step aside Tasmanian Devil…. Let me past!

18.40 and I’m just in the door…. Been a busy day! I’m ok so don’t worry about the slippery slope……but I’m not sure I helped myself through any of it with frustration and irritability today. There was a wee kid having a tantrum in my head at almost everything today.

I had a great sleep and a lie in until 6.29am….. woke up and read something that sent me into some beyond insane frustration levels. Now the sender and content is irrelevant but when someone has such differing views to mine I go into some angry orbit determined to try to bring them peace…. And in one fell swoop destroy my own.

I cannot allow myself to think about governments taking away our freedom and conspiracy theories because quite frankly, I don’t care. I need my peace.

But I care enough when people I care about believe it all. I think I feel despair at peoples differing views. As they do of mine.

My healing journey does not need differing views. It needs love and sea, sunshine, flip flops, cake, chocolate….. you get the gist.

Anyway so in my Tasmanian Devil whirlwind I set off into the day walloping into everything I did.

Simple questions that start with “have you done……. yet…..” ORBIT!

As someone a question and get a daft answer…. ORBIT!

The orbits were all inside my head…. Jumping from pillar to post. Not focusing on anything properly.

My mind was revelling in the chaos and just attracting more of it.

I’m writing this now and even the dogs are annoying me. Barking at every wee noise while I try to compose my ramblings!!!

So despite all that I had a good day at work. Met with a lovely customer and enjoyed the visit but that’s the reason in a bit late home. That and stopping for wine for my beloved, darling husband cause that’s how lovely I am.

I had to buy wine I can’t drink so I bought the following….

The chocolate was gone by the time I got home. That’s shocking isn’t it. The crisps are super hot…… almost too hot. That p’d me off too!!

So in amongst all of this today I’m trying to book a trip to view some kennels for our holiday, arrange for my aircon in my car to be regassed, order a new awning for my van. All before we go away next week.

As I write that i realise it’s nothing but it makes me irritated as all I did was arrange the kennel visit….

I’ve eaten a roll with fried egg and potato scone for breakfast, crisps and cake for lunch and that bar of chocolate for dinner. Wonder where my energy is coming from?!?!

Home just in time for the sun going down. I wanted to go on a paddle board lesson down at the coast tonight for sunset but I didn’t even get a chance to say to Craig about it let alone think of booking it. It would have been beautiful.

I’m working some of tomorrow now as we’re taking Abz to a job fair but the forecast looks good for the weekend so I will make a point of getting the washing all done and chilling in the sun. Not necessarily in that order!

Even getting them to sit and stay was no mean feat there!!

It’s ok I hear myself…..

Nothing a good sleep won’t fix. And a list tomorrow. To tick off.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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