Day 510 slept in to 10.22am…. 🛌😴💤 Musta needed it! 😆

Oh my actual word. 😳 Sleeping for 12 hours with only a half hour awake. Bed at 22.17 and awake at 10.22. Wow that’s been a while.

It was the best feeling. Reminiscent of the times where I was exhausted when “off sick” and just needed to sleep it through but it was a lovely feeling. No racing mind just sleep. Eyes opening… then no…. Shut them again. Sleep.

I am very dizzy today. I think I’m mentioned that before. I had wee waves of it while we were away but it passes. This morning it’s all over the place. I feel like I can’t walk straight.

So I looked up this….


Honestly I feel so much better about it. Its been bothering me and I’ve been trying so hard to ignore it and pretend it was nothing. It’s just one of those things and means the Sertraline is pouring out of my system. And that is very ok by me. (Reading that back is rather I wasn’t as dizzy obviously but hey…)

I’m emotional too this morning. The tears are burning in my eyes but I’m gonna let that go too as it’s ok. It doesn’t mean I will be a quivering wreck for the rest of my adult life. That’s my biggest fear just now. That I’ll let everyone down by falling back to the wreck that I was.

So a quick chat with the wiseman Craigie and I’m allowing myself to feel what I feel today with catastrophizing it into the next big thing. I feel a bit shit. Everyone has off days.

Oh this next one……

I popped into Claire’s for a cuppa and the worlds largest empire biscuit!!! It was soooo good. Sadly no photo but check this handsome boy who came out for a wander!

Introducing Bruce Springsteen!

Claire gave me a lovely wee gift!

So sweet eh?!

The sun came out and it’s super hot. Just as well as the garden had become a laundry!

Even the tent is drying out but check those clouds…..

They are almost olive green in colour! I took this as I had Abbie’s pop top open and I went to close it before the rain. Not even sure the pic did the colour justice.

Then the heavens opened. We knew it was only a matter of time but everything is back inside just in time! It’s so dark…

So atmospheric if you ignore the blue paddling pool still lying around the garden….

I am proud of myself today. (Ooooh check me…. Thousands and thousands of pounds worth of therapy to get to this stage!!) I had a very wobbly morning but I’ve managed to pull it back. I’ve been very dizzy today, my head is swimming. I am allowing myself to feel it. It’s not the end of the world.

Anyone need to borrow a dog then I will happily lend one out for petting…

This is your Sunday evening reminder to make some time for yourself this week. Breathe. We got this. And we got sunshine coming too. Which always helps.

Stay safe everyone 💛🧡❤️

2 thoughts on “Day 510 slept in to 10.22am…. 🛌😴💤 Musta needed it! 😆

  1. I want to see the sunshine after the rain,
    I want to see bluebirds flying over the mountains again,
    Sunshine after the rain,
    Oh where is the silver lining shining at the rainbow’s end?

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