Day 509 camping and packing up in the rain, ROADTRIP in the rain and lovely warm shower at home 🏕🌧🚐🌧🛀🏼🌧

It’s been raining all day. As my Gran would say… it’s that fine rain that soaks you!! yes… I know… it all does but you know what she meant!

It started to rain early evening so we moved under the canopy.

Craigs new camp lights were amazing. We were lucky that no planes landed while we were sitting there…

It rained a lot overnight. I had the van to myself again and Craig was in the tent with the dogs. (😬😆) There was a drip up on the roof that sounded a bit like some form of water torture but I soon got over it. I pulled the mattress out the pop top down onto the bed and slept like a log. This time until about 7.30am…. almost like a lie in…. In our world 😵‍💫😆

It was dry for a bit. Cheese toasties for breakfast in the Ridgemonkey were amazing!

Freya and Bhru thought so too!

So our wee campsite trial worked. The dogs did not get runny tummies as they were free to move around as they wanted to, they weren’t tied up on leads the whole time we were on the campsite. What a difference not having to get up all through the night to let them out.

Breakfast time for the pups

It started to rain again as we packed up but it was super fine rain but we were soaked really quickly. Everything in the van was wet.

All packed up and ready to go

We had a lovely drive home down the Perth Tourist route as I think there was a road closure on the motorway. Google maps kept finding us better ways to go… so it said.

We stopped at the Strawberry Farm Shop!

What a lovely wee place. Very expensive but lovely! We got strawberries (obviously!), raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, a yellow courgette, kumatoes (?!?) which are very dark coloured tomatoes.

Loadsa cakes!!

It was such a nice place. A jar of lemon or orange curd would only set you back £5.90….. as much as the orange curd talked to me… I left it there! 🍊🍋

Oh I did have a slice of Aero Mint chocolate fudge type stuff…. Wow and Craig had lemon drizzle cake. Had to be done and way cheaper than the orange curd!

We got home just after 1pm and emptied the wet van into the house. It was still raining.

We both had a much needed shower and have settled down in front of the fire. They tidying up can wait until tomorrow.

I never like the end of a holiday no matter how short it was. Today feels wasted to me. We woke up, packed up, came home and did nothing.

However… that said a wee chill out in front of the fire in the dry had been lovely.

I’ve had some Nosecco this afternoon which has now been rebranded Nozeco. That’s a new thing and I wondered why…. I looked that up…. It seems that they lost a court battle with Italian Prosecco. Huh, who knew!!? I’ve been mixing my Nozeco with fresh orange this afternoon to get the vit C in…. While munching on all the fruit we bought earlier.

Our “summer holiday” is only a fortnight away so we have lots to plan for our next trip. If only we knew what the weather would do…. Then we could take half the stuff we usually do!

It’s gonna be a scorcher up here this week. Can’t wait! Looking forward to getting everything dried out and cleaned ready for the off again.

Have a great Saturday night!

Stay safe everyone 🍓🍊🍋

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