Day 501 and the days keep counting…. Mum has come to stay!!

Oooooh I had the best sleep… was in my bed at 9pm and slept right through until 5am.

I felt super motivated for the gym this morning although was devastated that it appears to be winter already?!?!

Soooooooo dark this morning!!

Actually that pic doesn’t look as dark as it felt at the time. It was super gloomy.

And then I got to Fit Body Farm….

It’s brightening up!

But I struggled so badly this morning. It showed me that I’m not great at motivating myself. It was very much a personal training session this morning and I felt like everyone was going round the circuit faster than me.

I listened to the inner voice and it told me how much I was struggling. How slow I was, how tired I was….. I tried to short circuit it and talk myself into motivation. It actually made me laugh… talking to myself on a run!! It didn’t work today though and I guess that’s ok.

So I worked today….. on a Friday?!?! Yes on a Friday! And I survived. I have no idea what day it is though. Everything felt weird today. They have a thing called Fat Friday which I’m more than happy to be a part of…. But after chips, cheese and gravy it’s probably best I don’t work Fridays 🤭😬😆🤣

It was another busy day! We’ve done great this week despite many things sent to try us.

I got home at 4.50pm and had dinner booked in the pub next door at 5pm….. more food.

Mum’s here!!! She’s come to stay for the night and we’ll have a wee morning out tomorrow.

Mum and Craig had Chicken and Leek Pie.

I had Chicken and Prawn Madras. not to be taken lightly after chips, cheese and gravy for lunch!

It was hot hot hot!!

As is usually the case with the pub food we are now in our comfies on the couch watching Grace and Frankie being cuddled by Freya and Bhru!

Bhru is licking mum’s hands as she has some toffee popcorn

We had a fit of the giggles. Happy times.

Have a great weekend!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 501 and the days keep counting…. Mum has come to stay!!

    1. Yay!! The rambling sloth and the Windsor waffle do slim saturday!! That could be a thing. I really need to know why you had dinner in the afternoon tho?!?! 😁🤣 xx

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      1. I was at a memorial for my friend Angela, for people who hadn’t been to the funeral. Delicious buffet in the pub. Maybe shouldn’t have had lunch beforehand 🤔.. and dinner with David afterwards..🤔x

        Liked by 1 person

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