Day 489 fighting with my thoughts in the morning and time with good friends the rest of the day!

You so know that I’m overthinking everything today.

Yes I am human. Yes everyone makes mistakes.

But I felt ditsy yesterday. A bit on edge. A bit anxious maybe. And then I reversed into a car without a second glance. Well without a fist glance if I’m honest.

What caused it? Why did I feel like that? Did I drink too much coffee? Did I eat too much sugar? Was I anxious about being away with the dogs? I put out a really positive blog about moving on… is this the universe’s way of saying “don’t get too cocky…” or “ok you’ve dealt with one thing so we can give you another the minute you’re over it”…. What if this is the new me now I’m coming off the meds? Whoa….. there it is.

Whenever something feels off I attribute it to the last few years.

I have a little paddywack in my head as I want to be positive all the time.

I need to learn to embrace it all.

I couldn’t sleep so sat outside and played with the dogs for a bit.

Love that Calaidh has a rose petal stuck in the side of her mouth for most of this!

Freya just runs around like a maddie while they play catch.

Claire messaged at 8.30am and said she was awake if I fancied a dog walk so we took them out.

My favourite gate with the sun shining through the leaves
What a lovely summery morning

We then cleaned the house like maddies as we have friends coming to stay tonight.

So this happened…. It took Craig about 10 minutes to fill.

And Bhruic 20 seconds to destroy……

I’m gonna get this….
Uh oh…..
Acht I’ll just keep going…
This way…. She emptied it!
What now?!? Freya has a wee drink….

So I should mention the big thing down the back of the garden!! and it’s not Craig…. But Craigs new tent.

He got it second hand from eBay but it was an amazing bargain and he got it all for half price versus new.

We put it up last night
Someone’s happy…
This is the main tent
This is the canopy with sides attached
This is the tag along tent

It all zips in together so you can have as much or as little if it as you would like. We’ll probably only use the main tent and maybe the sides.

So decisions to be made. I might sell my awning and we can use this with the van. Not sure yet.

We have Warren and Doug coming this afternoon and we’re going for lunch in the pub next door!

The boys in the garden!
Waffles for dessert

Great chat out in the sun for lunch and it’s 7pm and we’re still here….I may never be able to move again as I’ve eaten far too much!

Booked the Fit Body Farm for the morning so will leave the guys sleeping. I had to book otherwise I would never go.

Back to it tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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